Monday, December 28, 2009

3 Days More

You know, an answer would be nice!

I'm still managing the Artist Co-op I mentioned a while ago.

You see, it goes like this...
In November the owners of the shop conceded to giving several artists a 'cut rate' for the opportunity to sell items out of their building for a 2 month period... A building they've been trying to sell for the past 2 years and would otherwise be empty and a complete drain of money without the Co-op.

The owners originally agreed to a 2 month lease, facilitated by the local Chamber & Alliance. In 3 more days the lease will be up. However, 2 weeks ago I submitted a letter to the owners asking that we might sit down to negotiate staying at the shop and possibly moving forward with a month to month agreement. As of yet the answers I've received have been vague and non-committal.

3 days... In 3 DAYS!!!

We need answers people... ANSWERS!!!

I'm not very good at living with frustration and unanswered questions.

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