Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Battle of the Bulge...

Sadly, the 'Fat' found me... I can run, but I can't hide... Uh, actually I can't really run, but I can walk a pretty good clip... And as for hiding... Well, my body mass makes even that difficult!

Yesterday I went to my 'Endochrinologist' for a regular check-up and found out that I'd gained 10 of the 30 some pounds I lost BACK!!!! AAAAAAaaaaaarrrrrrggghhhhhh!!!! You can only imagine how much this frustrates me! Those extra pounds I lost were just waiting... Hiding away behind the refrigerator and the cupboard doors. Those sneaky bastards!!! And when I wasn't paying too much attention, (Most likely while I was just trying to survive the heat)... They jumped me from behind or to be more precise jumped 'On My Behind'... And my Arms, Legs and Mid-Section!!!

I was afraid to get rid of my fat clothes JUST for this reason... But I'll be damned if those pounds are going to drag me back 'Up' to where I was on the scale. Today I have a NEW campaign!!! 'Drop 20 by Christmas'.... It's Do-able!... Just 5 lbs. a month!... I can handle that! I'll ramp up to walking twice a day but more importantly I'll go back to how I lost the 30 lbs. in the first place... I'll pay close attention to 'Everything' I put in my mouth... This of course is going to make Thanksgiving Suck!... But if I keep in mind that when I eat too much it leaves me feeling like crap then maybe the deprivation won't be too terrible.

I read an article in 'Diabetes Forecaster' last year that talked about the rigors of being a 'diabetic' and having to watch food consumption so closely... It stated in the article that it was okay to take a 'Diabetic Vacation' once in a while... Well I've been on a permanent holiday for quite awhile now and it's high time I get back to work! Since there's nothing quite like 'Accountability' to provide motivation, I'm screaming it loud and clear 'Drop 20 by Christmas'... That's what I'm gonna do!


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