Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Falling off the wagon... Repeatedly!

Last year when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I immediately stepped up to the plate and carefully monitored every morsel of food that went into my mouth... I also took up a daily exercise routine of walking 2 miles a day. By doing these things I was able to control my blood sugar and lose a LOT of weight.

Now it's a year or so later and I've fallen off the wagon... I keep trying to climb back on...
Picture this: Wagon lumbering down the road at an even clip... Semi-fat woman (me... Not Semi like a Mac truck but Semi as in sort of) jogging behind... tripping, falling, picking herself up and lunging once again for the wagon... Grabbing hold and trying to lift one leg onto the wagon as the other drags mercilessly along the ground.... At last giving the old heave-ho with a resolve buried deep from within... Finally achieving complete lift-off from the ground and rolling onto the bed of the wagon... ONLY to have gained enough momentum in order to roll right off the other side!!!

Cut to Semi-fat woman (me) lying in the dirt on the side of the road and struggling once again to raise myself up and begin the fight all over again.

Damn sad picture isn't it? But I swear I'm going to keep up the fight until I'm riding in the front seat of the wagon and steering it all the way past mid-size to the house of mid-life 'Babe-alicious'!

Wish me Luck!


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