Wednesday, August 09, 2006

World Trade Center

Today my son and I went to go see the new 'Oliver Stone' film - 'World Trade Center'... I've been doing a lot of online research and came to the conclusion that this movie sounded like it was going to be a fitting tribute to the heroes that suffered and tragically lost their lives on that fateful day.

I thought this movie would be a good one for my 16 yr. old son to see... A positive experience, witnessing the triumph of the human spirit and the true meaning of the word HERO. However, I didn't think my 13 yr. old could handle a movie like this. My son and I even found it quite difficult... At one point he wanted to leave when the two trapped officers John McLoughlin & Will Jimeno are subjected to terror after terror. I explained to my son that if we left the theatre now (1/2 way through the movie) we were going to walk away with only the horrors fresh in our minds... We already know these guys make it out alive so we should stay and witness that. We hung-in... Holding hands on and off and when I began weeping my son put his arm around me and hugged me.

On Sept. 11th 2001 I remember so clearly that helpless, hopeless, disconnected feeling... Wanting, wishing there way some way I could help. It's strange that today, while watching that movie... I somehow felt more connected because I (in a very small way) shared the experience.

I didn't lose a loved one on Sept. 11th... No one I knew personally perished... But to this day I grieve... As I'm sure do we all. I believe though, that this movie helped me with the healing process... It gave me an opportunity to 'meet' the heroes (however abstractly)... Today I sat in a dark movie theatre and I prayed for these heroes to be strong... I prayed for them to be safe... And even though it's nearly 5 yrs. after the event... I finally felt connected.


Blogger M said...

oh, i remember 9/11. i felt so sick with sadness for ages afterwards. i am afraid the movie will bring up old feelings!

7:30 PM, August 10, 2006  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

At the very start of the movie I found it difficult to swallow and my legs felt numb... By the end I felt a release and like I said a connection. I look on it as a healing experience... Well, as much as anyone can heal from the memories of that day.

8:31 PM, August 10, 2006  

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