Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Too Violent For Me....

You know those previews for upcoming films and tv shows they show at the theatres before the real movie trailers and movie begins? I think they call it 'The 20'... Because it consists of 20 minutes of pre-movie advertisements...

Anyway, While at the theatre a while back, our family caught a mini-movie about a new fall tv show entitled 'Heroes'... We were intrigued... It seemed to have an X-Men quality to it that had my son saying, "I've GOT to see that show!" Like I've said before, we really don't watch much tv anymore. But we do make exceptions for certain interesting offerings that come down the pike. I too thought this to be an interesting premise and we kept our ear to the ground to find out when the show was going to aire.

Last week was the season premiere for 'Heroes' and we really enjoyed it... That is until the end when the show ended abruptly with one of the characters waking up to find that she had brutally murdered two men while under the influence of some alter ego. I thought to myself, well there's part of the plot line that I'm not fond of seeing more of.

I am anything but a fan of 'Horror' movies... Some of the 'Action Adventure' genre also leaves me feeling queasy. Anything with too much blood, too much gore, too much gun battle, too much brutality makes me want to leave the theatre or turn off the television... I also can't take it when one of the ads for these movies aires on tv or in the theatre... They frighten me and I wonder about the small children who are subjected to viewing such things.

Last night we watched the second episode of 'Heroes.' It seems last weeks ending was just a precursor to the story line to follow... Episode 2 subjected us to a body riddled with knife wounds suspended from a banister... A trail of blood led to a body which had the top of the head severed off and the brain removed... And then there were the corpses of the poor schmucks who met their brutal demise last week, staring up at the camera from the trunk of a car.

This was all FAR too much for me!!! WHEN did tv begin featuring such brutal images? I don't recall seeing stuff like that 2 yrs. ago? Then again, I DID watch one episode of CSI during that period and made a choice to never watch it again... I frankly don't care to see people crouched over bloody gunshot victims discuss the trajectory of the bullet that took them down. Oh, I'm not denying that we NEED people to carry out those tasks in real life scenarios... I just don't need to watch them do it!

So after last night, I decided that 'Heroes' was a huge disappointment... But for the most part isn't just about everything on tv?


Anonymous Linda J. said...

I'll stay with Gilmore Girls, Boston Legal, and others that leave a smile on my face. I'm a devout coward and I have nightmares over the simplest of violence. :-(

1:09 PM, October 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the reality show The Amazing Race!
Never disappoints!

7:14 PM, October 03, 2006  
Blogger lime said...

yes, i was irritated too by that violent scene...

8:01 AM, October 04, 2006  

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