Monday, September 25, 2006

Music & Moments...

This weekend we attended a beautiful family wedding. Following the wedding was a splendid reception, replete with Delicious Food, Wonderful People (family & friends) and Music. The DJ's were the best I'd ever heard, because they seemed as much a part of the guests and loved ones as everyone in attendance. I was surprised to find out later that they were just a couple who had come highly recommended and were not long time friends of the newlyweds.

I LOVE dancing, I'm not especially good at it, but I can't help but move my body to a driving beat and sing along to a favorite tune. If the Electric Slide comes on I'll jump up on the dance floor and bumble my way through just for the pure joy of moving to the music... My husband however, does not like to dance AT ALL. This difference in opinion has resulted in my life as a 'Chair Dancer' at receptions. I'll get up and dance sometimes with the other girls and maybe even convince my husband to sway back and forth slightly on the dance floor for a slow song or two... He's decided it's better to indulge me than to have to deal with my cold, icy glare when they typically play THE song at a reception for the 'Married' couples to share a dance... I'm sure you know how it goes... All of the couples start off the dance and then are eliminated as they count up the years of marriage... We made it past the 20 yr. mark this time... Something of which I am immensely proud!

My son used to like to dance... The last family wedding we attended was roughly 5 yrs. ago which meant he was around 11 yrs. old. He had the best time!!! At that particular wedding he had 4 bridesmaids on the dance floor with him throughout the night all at the same time! After the reception we headed back to the hotel and found the bridesmaids were rooming on the floor just above ours... My son was disappointed that we wouldn't let him go up and hang out with the bridesmaids before he turned in for the night... That magical night he was a 'Ladies Man' and he didn't want it to end.

This wedding however my son decided he was too cool to get out on the dance floor. I asked him several times if he'd dance with me and his reply was, "I can't dance with my MOM!" When did that happen? When did I become the threat to his masculinity? His popularity? His coolness? I was hurt and I tried not to show it but he was perceptive enough to know it. He tried to cajole me with hugs and 'You know I love you's'... But I felt a little sad at the fact that we'd reached that point where self consciousness had taken over his love of dancing and having a good time. He didn't understand that was the reason I was disappointed... Not simply because he didn't want to dance with me... More because he didn't want to dance with anyone!

Towards the end of the evening, as the last couple of songs were being played before the newlyweds made their departure, the song 'The Broken Road' by, Rascal Flatts began playing... I really like this song ever since 'Newlywed Girl' introduced it to me. As the first few lines were being sung I stood up from my place at the table simply to stretch my legs. At the same time my son who was sitting next to me also stood. He put his arms around me, told me he loved me and gave me a big hug. As we stood there with the song playing he continued to hold me tight and slowly we began to sway to the music... Just a little at first, but then ever so gently we began to turn in slow circles, sharing a very special slow dance right there next to our table, away from the crowded dance floor. The song, 'The Broken Road' is about finding your one true love... "God bless the broken road that led me straight to you."... The lyrics really have little in common with that particular instance... But from this day forward, every time I hear it play... I will be transported back to that moment in time that I spent slow dancing with my son.
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Blogger lime said...

oh, i totally get that. also married to a non-dancer but my son used to boogy with me. just think, one day we'll be doing the mother of the groom dance and getting all weepy.

1:23 PM, September 26, 2006  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

Oh Lime... I already get weepy watching the mother son dance... When it comes time for me I'll probably make a complete fool of myself.

7:34 PM, September 26, 2006  

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