Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When Guys Go Out...

It became a weekly 'thing' sometime back in October...

Our friend 'The Captain' spends every Wednesday night driving across town to take his daughter to dance class... Rather than spending the entire night driving back and forth, he would spend his time running various errands or just shopping at 'Home Depot' until pick-up. Then he came up with the idea of inviting my husband to go out with him... And thus, 'Date Night' was born.

Every Wednesday night 'The Guys' meet, or one picks the other up for 'Date Night'... My very heterosexual husband winces at the term 'Date Night'... In fact on a Wednesday night not long ago, 'The Captain's' son rang his cell phone while they were seated at their favorite ice cream place... More on that at another time. While on his cell 'The Captain' repeatedly and very loudly exclaimed to his son that he was on his 'Date Night'. I can easily picture my husband wincing each time the words 'Date Night' were uttered.

My husband told me that later the same night they went to K-Mart because there was a sale on the GIANT size cans of coffee. 'The Captain' and his wife LOVE their coffee. 'The Captain' picked up several of the immense cans, but had neglected to grab a cart. As my husband tells it, "I watched him struggle all through the store, trying to balance those cans without dropping them and trying to manage their overall weight... When we got out to the car I looked at him and said, Those must have been pretty heavy huh? I bet you could've used some help, right? At which point 'The Captain' looked at me and said, "Yeah, I really could've." And then my husband tells me he said, "Well maybe NEXT time you won't be shouting, "I'm on 'Date Night' with Dick" to everyone at the diner, now will you?"

So I asked my husband last night if he had plans for 'Date Night' with the Captain this week. He replied with, "We're looking for a new name for 'Date Night'... Our current working title is 'Monster Truck Rally'." I laughed and countered with, "How about 'Hombre Hour'?" He kinda liked it!

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