Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Bird Whisperer...

So this was our morning...

My daughter takes the dog out and witnesses a robin hitting the window of our neighbors sunroom... She says he hit it really hard! Worried about the young robin she scoops it up in her net and brings it up to the deck. She sets the net in a planter hanging from the deck where the bird sits and blinks at us all staring at it, wondering if it's going to be okay. Worried that the net might blow out of the planter, My daughter secures it with rope tied to the bird feeder. Bird continues to blink at us so of course we grab our cameras. Following a good 5 min. photo shoot, we turn to walk in the house and the robin flies out of the open net, leaving quite a mess. One glance into the net made it apparent we'd quite obviously scared the crap out of it. All are joyous the bird is going to be okay. My daughter makes a mental note to clean out her net later.
Cut to a few minutes later... Everyone gathers there things to head off to school. Walk out the front door, 'Nature Girl' wanders over to check on the baby robins in the nest at the front of the house. I step off the porch, look down and see a wing... No bird, just a wing. Remembering my daughters desire to exercise her taxidermy skills, I point the wing out to her. She decides it would be best to put the wing in a shoe box of some sort. We open the garage and search for a container. She says, "I need gloves." I look at her and jokingly say, "What, you're not going to just pick it up with your hands?" To which she replies, "Mom, taxidermists ALWAYS use gloves!" I say, "Was that on page 1 of your book?" she says, "Uh YEAH! If you don't want to like end up with diseases and stuff!"

With wing saved in garage... Yes, it's beginning... Dead things in the garage! We pile in the car and head off to school. Witnessing as we're riding along a crow being chased off by a mockingbird. My daughter says, "If that thing crashes into our car I'm going to completely freak out. Not to worry, it didn't.

On my way home from the drive to school I have to pull the car to a
stop in order to allow a gaggle of geese and their goslings the opportunity to safely cross the road... But here's the really weird part... When I get home I notice a message on the answer machine. It's from our next door neighbor. She says she found a tiny baby bird and wonders if my daughter, 'The Bird Whisperer*' might be interested in taking care of the little fellow, because she doesn't want to "just throw it out."

*My daughter aka 'Nature Girl' was coined 'The Bird Whisperer' by our neighbor after the incident when she called to have my daughter come over and help remove a bird from her garage, which seemed frightened and confused and couldn't find its way out. 'The Bird Whisperer' simply held her net up to the bird, at which point the bird stepped on the rim and held tight as my daughter carried it out of the garage so it could fly away.

So are the birds on to something? Might 'That Bird Whisperer' have some sort of
affinity with our feathered friends? Stay tuned.....

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Blogger lime said...

good girl for taking the glove thing seriously. i really mean that.

and how great that she already has the reputation. :)

7:48 AM, May 28, 2008  

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