Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've been called out... My first TAG!

The other day my husband told me I have a disease...
What kind of disease you ask? It's called: Cryptoscopophilia
Not to worry, it's not fatal or anything. It simply means I have an urge to look through the windows of homes I walk past. I wouldn't say I'm a peeping tom or anything and if you're suddenly feeling the urge to draw your drapes, well, I understand. The thing is, I'm just curious, that's all. Curious to get a glimpse into someone else's world. Perhaps that's why I also enjoy reading tags. Just like Christy, who tagged me said, "I love reading facts about other people." So, I guess I'd like to say thanks Christy for giving me the opportunity to open my drapes a little wider and allow any other fellow 'Cryptoscopophiliacs' out there, a chance to peek in my windows... Figuratively, that is.

What were you doing 5 years ago?

Five years ago we were in the midst of trying to sell our home. Always a daunting task. Especially so, when you own one of the few houses in the neighborhood without central a/c. It should also be noted that any house you sell will never look better than the day you sell it. All those nagging little home improvement tasks which are put off time and again, are at last checked off the 'to do' list in hopes your home will sell for far more than you paid for it. The freshly painted rooms, the plush new carpeting, the brightly polished fixtures? All briefly enjoyed by you until the new owners take possession. Depressing? yes! However, you're hoping that at the same time the owners of the house you're preparing to purchase are just as disappointed they won't have the opportunity to bask in the perfection that is going to be your new home.

What are/were 5 things on your to-do list today?

Gee, I'd like to say I had a host of important things to take care of which would give the reader the impression as to how indispensable I am.... However, it's a Sunday, my family is currently visiting my Mother-in-law and we attended a family graduation party, so my to-do list included such important tasks as...

  • bathing myself (success!)
  • getting my kids to drag their lazy butts out of bed (eventual success)
  • styling my daughters hair (family event, calls for helping her look her finest!)
  • remembering my camera AND the graduation gift (check!)
  • visiting & eating... eating & visiting (tough work, but somebody's gotta do it!)

What 5 snacks do you enjoy?

Wow, eerie... Wasn't I just talking about eating in the previous question? First let me explain, there's the diabetic me and the not so very disciplined me... So let me give you a sample of each.

Diabetic me:
low carb yogurt
string cheese
dark chocolate (lowers the blood sugar... Yes, it REALLY does!)

Serious lack of discipline me:
ice cream sandwich
chocolate chip cookies
bread (any kind, toasted and with butter!)
cake (chocolate, but any kind will do!)
dark chocolate (eat too much, doesn't really help control the ol' blood sugar.)

Why is it so much easier to come up with lack of discipline items than diabetic?

What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?

No question, I would help my friend start her dream, the Omnia Humanitas Project.

This project encompasses so many different aspects of helping people I think it includes at LEAST 5 things I could put both fiscal and physical energy towards.

What are 5 of your bad habits?
  • I'm a control freak.
  • I'm overly critical of people. Especially those in whom I sense weaknesses I know, I too, possess.
  • I lack self-discipline
  • I'm impatient
  • Spend too much time worrying about what others think of me. Probably because of that second item.

What are 5 places you've lived?
  • Santa Clarity Valley, California (several locations in this area)
  • Western Springs (Chicago suburb), Illinois (for a couple of summers)
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Elkton, Maryland
  • Can I add that I hope to live near the water someday?... Beach, Lake, River, doesn't matter.

What are 5 jobs you've had?
  • Sold shoes (Payless type store, first job!)
  • Slung taco's (Taco Bell, worst job EVER! Got fired because I wouldn't work with Strep throat!)
  • Dished donuts (2nd worst job EVER! Smelled like grease & cigarettes when I got off work.)
  • Built airplanes... Okay, I didn't actually touch 'said' airplane. I did however work in the aerospace industry and did everything from file, perform secretarial duties, work in the travel dept.... To eventually work on a state of the art typesetting system (a complex $150,000 machine which with a great deal of training allowed me to do pretty much the same thing I'm doing right now... Yes, I'm THAT old! But I like to think technology is just moving incredibly FAST!)
What 5 people do you want to tag?

Listen, I'd love to tag 5 people RIGHT NOW, but just now getting my lap-top up and running after having lost many of my blog links along with photos, documents and other precious stuff, I'll have to wait and post this particular answer at another time. :-(



Blogger lime said...

well i just learned something new and wonderful about dark chocolate. yay!

i can't believe taco bell would WANT you to work with strep throat. that's just vile.

7:26 AM, May 19, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

I KNOW! That's why I was happy to leave it behind forever!... Taco Bell that is, not the dark chocolate... Never, the dark chocolate!

8:35 AM, May 19, 2008  
Blogger Carrie said...

OMG! There is a name for it?!?! Jimmy gets on my all the time for looking in peoples windows! Woah that sounds really bad. But when we are walking the dogs a little after dark and people have their lights on and curtains open, it is great! I just like to see how they have their house set up and decorated, since most of the houses in our neighborhood are similar. Though I do have to confess I look in windows when we are driving through the city too at night, I love the brick insides of Baltimores row homes!! I'm sick. ;) But at least I know I have company!

9:01 AM, May 19, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

I know, I LOVE to look at the decor! Maybe they should start a ward for us?

9:41 AM, May 19, 2008  
Anonymous Christy said...

I HAVE THE SAME THING YOU GUYS DO! Wow, I had no idea there were others out there!

12:19 PM, May 19, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Christy, isn't it nice to know there's a name for it?... Can't pronounce it, but at least it has a name. :-)

1:44 PM, May 19, 2008  

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