Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the 'What Are The Odds' File...

So the other night as I was folding clothes the phone rang. The caller ID did her thing (yeah, my caller ID is a girl) and when she announced the name of the caller I thought to myself, 'I know that name' even though I hadn't heard it in years.

Several years ago, I used to teach Scrapbooking classes. I'd hold workshops on a regular basis and lovely women, who ultimately became dear friends, would pay me money to schlep their pictures over to my house. They would hang out in my basement and listen to me give them advice on how to make a meaningful and pretty scrapbook.
And you know, it's hard NOT to get close to people when their sharing their photographs of families, vacations and special memories with you.

So when the caller ID announced the last name of one of my former 'students'... I
thought, Wow! How did J.M. track me down? (I've moved since retiring from being a scrapbook instructor.) So I picked up the phone, said, "Hello?" And heard that same sweet voice I remembered from like 10 years ago say, "Hello... Judy?" I replied with, "I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number but is this Jean?" To which she answered, "Yes, who's this?"

Imagine Jean's surprise when I told her, "It's Margie." She then said, "Oh my goodness, you live in Florida now?"
That's funny huh? Jean thought she was calling Florida. "No" I said, "You called Maryland."

Eventually, Jean realized she was calling her friends old phone number... Her friend Judy, the one who moved to Florida, that is. We laughed at the coincidence of it all and shared a lovely half-hour conversation. We talked about what each of us has been up to over the last several years and she told me how much she missed hanging out in my basement. She may have just been saying that to be polite but I'm glad she did. I have some fond memories of those times too.
So I have to ask you, What are the odds?

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Blogger lime said...

i dunno the odds but it's pretty funny and worked out really nicely.

4:26 PM, February 02, 2010  

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