Thursday, August 03, 2006


Our first brand new car that we drove right off the lot was a Mazda 626 LX... It's imperative that when you're shopping for a new car the you keep in mind the important things to look for... Like, does it get good gas mileage? Will it be reliable? And... Am I getting a fair price for the vehicle? When my husband and I went looking for our 'first' car together we went with these 3 thoughts in mind but when we climbed behind the wheel of the Mazda 626 LX there were two items that left those other important items wallowing in the dust... The first item was the vents on the dash oscillated back and forth at the push of a button... Therefore insuring the comfort of all the passengers in the vehicle as the fan would at some point hit everyone square in the face and then keep on moving. We had never seen anything like this in a vehicle before so it must mean we had to have it!

The second item was not only a way cool Equalizer with lots of buttons and lights all ready built in for the stereo... But a 'Joystick' which controlled the sound to all four speakers in the car... My husband being a computer 'geek' was especially struck with the coolness of this item even though the best sound quality was acquired by keeping the 'Joystick' in the middle position... It was however, we later found... A LOT of fun playing with the little 'Joystick' especially when listening to the very beginning of the song "Too Much Time On My Hands" by Styx.... This of course not being recommended to be manipulated by the driver while the vehicle was in motion... It was however a fun diversion for the front seat passenger.

So when it came time to make the decision on which car we should purchase the Accord and the Camry just didn't have what it takes to win us over... Because their fans didn't oscillate and no 'joysticks' to play d.j. with... Lucky for us, the Mazda turned out to be a pretty reliable car.
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