Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cars I Have Known Part 2...

After finding this picture I simply couldn't wait until tomorrow to blog about this car...

I'll never forget the old 1971 Chevy Station Wagon with the wood paneled sidewalls... In fact the picture of the one I found here online is the exact same color as the one our family owned. I was so pleased to find a picture of the open tailgate which exposes the fold down rear facing seat. That seat holds a very special memory for me because that's where my first 'real' boyfriend held my foot.

Not my hand... But my foot! Our entire family was loaded into the wagon and the guy that I was beginning to fall for climbed into the very back with me. We were all headed for Westwood in L.A.... Westwood used to be a kind of hot spot, hang out, fun place with lots of shops and restaurants just adjacent to the UCLA campus. Anyway, after a fun evening of dinner and shopping and just general family merriment we all piled back into the wagon and my guy and I jumped into the back again for the ride home. We had such a great time laughing, chatting and getting to know one another better... At some point I crossed my right leg over my left and he grabbed my foot and held it the rest of the ride home. I can recall the feeling as if it were just last night... I didn't want to budge one inch for fear he might let go... Of course I wished he was holding more than just my foot but I was only 17 and he was almost 24... He was my dad's friend so he was understandably nervous to be holding even my foot! It was magic though... 2 years later I married that guy and come this November we'll be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary... But it all started with him holding my foot in the back of the family station wagon.


Blogger M said...

Cool story!

Congratulations on 23 years with Mr Foot Grabber.

I love the picture of the car. I just adore the wood paneled cars and jeeps because they are sooooo 1970's. (if you think about it the car makers are putting fake fake wood on the cars because actual wood paneling was re-fabricated.)

8:37 AM, August 02, 2006  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

Thanks M!
I know I just love the ol' Woody's... I think that's why I'm such a PT Cruiser fan.

9:41 AM, August 03, 2006  

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