Sunday, July 30, 2006

Funny Story...

My cousin C and her daughter L were visiting this weekend and she related this story of a highway patrolman who stopped her in Virginia...

"I was coming home from Costco late one evening... Among other things, the back of my car held a giant pink box of 'Poise' pads that I had purchased for my (elderly) mother. I had been traveling faster than the posted limits and got snagged by a highway patrolman. He informed me that I had been going 78mph in a 65mph zone and asked for my license and registration... He then took a cursory walk around my vehicle looking inside the windows for any signs of contraband... Then he came back to the drivers side window, handed back my paperwork and informed me that I should just slow it down or next time he'd give me a ticket." Then she said, "I'm certain that as he walked around my car and caught sight of the huge box of adult diapers he must have thought to himself... "By giving this woman a ticket I can't possibly make her life any worse than it already is!"

I'm considering buying myself a giant box of adult diapers to carry around in MY vehicle... You know, just in case I get stopped by a highway patrolman.


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