Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Funny Valentine...

Yesterday my son and I took on the job of 'chipping' at least 3 inches of ice, topped off with a dusting of snow from our driveway. To say this was one giant pain in the ass job would be putting it mildly, but we managed. I used a flat head shovel to pry the icebergs up and my son used the snow shovel to clear it from the driveway.

Later, my daughter and I created a fancy dessert to top of our 'Valentine's Day Family Dinner'... The dessert consisted of chocolate pudding placed in a crystal stem-ware goblet, which had the rim dipped in melted dark chocolate and then rolled in crushed peppermint candy. It made for a truly elegant presentation... Problem was, the chocolate adhered so forthrightly to those goblets that it was next to impossible to enjoy the delightful choc'-o'-pepp-o'-mint rim! Each of us tried in our own fashion to eat, if not just sample the treat. My husband tried prying it up with a knife. My daughter worked at it with her spoon. I, a self-proclaimed chocoholic gnawed at it with my teeth... Fighting back the fear that I might end up with a chunk of glass in my mouth for my effort. My son chose to merely look at it with a sideways glance and add a glib remark by saying, "It appears today has been a day which involved much chipping." He decided to leave his chocolate rim firmly intact.

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Blogger lime said...

yeah, i'd have been gnawing at it....or else microwave the glass breifly enough to melt it and then lick it off ;)

8:51 AM, February 16, 2007  

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