Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thanks SNOW Much!

What is it with the weather? Is it somehow pegged into my To-Do List? How does it know that when I have something I really want to accomplish, that's the time for a snow storm which calls for a weather advisory... Or worse yet an ICE STORM!!! Just the words ICE STORM strike fear in the heart of this Southern California driver. Hell, it rains in Southern California and the place turns into one big 'Smash-Up Derby'.

So here I sit... Trying to make peace with the circumstances and forcing myself to be all 'Zen' and just 'let go' and 'be one with the weather'... Maybe I'll just make cards in my frozen basement studio... Maybe I'll make cookies... Maybe I'll sit by the fire and sketch all day? The opportunities are endless... So why did I start with emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up the kitchen and load laundry into the washer?... And that pantry really needs a thorough purging... No, No, No... Today I'm just going to




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