Thursday, October 25, 2007


My husband and I were making plans for an anniversary get-away... The key word here is WERE.

Some friends of ours were going to be in New York City at the same time we'd be celebrating our anniversary and we thought, "Hey, what a great opportunity to not only see our friends but take in a show or two and celebrate 24 yrs. together as husband and wife!" Sounds like a SUPER idea, Right? It WAS until I saw the outrageous amount they were asking for one night in the same hotel our friends were staying (on business), $459 A NIGHT!!! So I went through the search engines... Priceline, Orbitz, Trip Advisor, etc. etc. etc. Seems THIS particular hotel is SO special (with solid gold toilet bowls? chocolate cake on your pillow instead of a mint? bell-hops who go by the name of Ramone and offer foot-rubs as you drift off to sleep on a mattress of downy feathers produced by the wings of the angels themselves?) there were NO special deals available... Anywhere!

However, I had told my friend that regardless of the fact NYC hotels are expensive we deserved it! Then I looked into Amtrak fares... Because there's NO WAY either my husband or myself have the cajones to actually DRIVE in NYC. We're what you'd call DEFENSIVE drivers (never had an accident between us, knock on wood *rap* *rap*) as opposed to OFFENSIVE drivers, which is what you HAVE to be in order to survive driving in NYC, which is much like driving in a foreign country, trust me, I've been there, as a passenger, never the designated driver. So anyway, back to Amtrak which came to $219 to Penn Station and back... And I'm not even sure that was for both of us, it might've been only a single fare. 'Round about this point my heart started sinking as I began guessing what we'd have to pay for a 'Nice' dinner and a 'Show'... Our 'Anniversary Celebration', one night away, was turning into a $1,000 proposition. Waaaaay, too much money for we sensible types who are staring down the barrel of our soon to be 18 yr. old son and his 'College Education'... Not only that but my car needs new tires too... Okay, two totally different price ranges I know, but it's still mooola, of which we have a limited supply.

Sooooo, with great trepidation I called our friends and told them our sad news. Though disappointed, they understood completely. So it looks like our anniversary will pass with a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant and a gleeful clink of our glasses, knowing that we've saved ourselves $925.

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Blogger Carrie said...

ok so Jimmy and I went through this same thing a few weeks back. The sticker shock of NYC. Here was our solution and it can save you hundreds. We drove to Hamilton NJ to the NJ Transit Train station - an hours drive from my parents in Wilmington - took the train from there for $12 each for one way (you have to pay for parking, but it is minisule compared to NYC parking fees and Amtrak for that matter) and got to NYC in about an hour and a half right to NY Penn Station...the same place Amtrak takes you. From there you can metro, cab, walk whatever.

Now you ask...what about a hotel. Well that was our biggest thing. Now you can't pick the same hotel your friends were staying at...but you can pick the same area. So I waited until 1 week before we were to go and got on Priceline and put in $175 a night for a 3 star hotel near Central Park...and GOT IT. Was it not the most swankyist hotel in NYC that I have ever seen, it was 8 blocks from Tiems Square, right near the theaater district and everything! I think with insane NYC Tax and all it came to almost $200. A steal. Now if you are traveling during the week you can get one for as low as $99-$150 a night. A girl I work with here went up to go to a show with her mom Wed-Fri and got a room in a really nice place on Priceline for $99 each night. You have to wait until closer until the time you are going to go to get the best prices with Priceline and keep in mind you can't get a refund. won't be out money for tickets for the train, for parking or anything until you secure your hotel room, so if you don't get one at the rate you want then you are right back where you were - out no money and not going - but if you do get a room at the rate you want, you can still go and have a blast!!

Just my 2 cents :) Happy Anniversary :) 24 years...wonderful!!

2:22 PM, October 25, 2007  
Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

A nice dinner out is still a pretty good way to celebrate...
Maybe try to think of something kind of "big" for number 25 and start fishing for deals early.

Oh well- happy belated anniversary anyways!

3:56 PM, October 25, 2007  
Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

I guess I mean happy EARLY anniversary.
A little ahead of myself there.

3:57 PM, October 25, 2007  
Blogger lime said...

yikes, how about a cheaper hotel???

9:31 PM, October 25, 2007  
Blogger Margee-Martha-Marsha Pick-One said...

Carrie, thanks for all the input... That parking in NJ and using the train from there is brilliant! My husband came home yesterday and said a friend of his got a room for $66 a night but the place was really low budget with communal showers (not a very romantic idea), I'm guessing it was the 'Y'... I may continue looking into it as the date gets closer.

WM, welcome back, you blister packin' hottie you! and thanks for the good wishes... And YES, we DO have plans in the works for something BIG next year!

Lime, as you may have read Carrie's got some great ideas... My fear is that we'll end up lost in New York, since we're both so unfamiliar with it and so are our friends... We may NEVER find eachother!... But you're right, YIKES!

7:40 AM, October 26, 2007  
Blogger Patty said..., $159-$229 double; $259-$359 1-bedroom suite; $359-$549 2-bedroom suite. Extra person $20. Children 12 and under stay free in parent's room. Inquire about seasonal rates and specials (winter rates can go as low as $129 double; $179 for suites)

The hamilton train idea is the way my dad comes in when he doesn't have his car. Its fine.

3:58 PM, October 26, 2007  

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