Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Things you learn while grocery shopping...

I nearly forgot to mention the woman who struck up a conversation with me today in the dairy aisle at the grocery store. I was standing there deciding on what flavor yogurt to purchase when she reached over me and grabbed 'Activa' brand yogurt and asked, "Have you ever tried this?" To which I replied, "No, I always buy this brand because it only has 11 carbs." Then she added, "Well this stuff is great because sometimes I get... well, irregular and this helps straighten everything out." "Good to know." I said. Because how does one reply to a conversation like that with a complete stranger?

I guess I should be relieved we weren't in the feminine hygiene aisle.

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Blogger lime said...

definitely in the TMI category...yeesh!

6:27 AM, October 10, 2007  

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