Friday, April 03, 2009

She's My Abbott

I know I've mentioned my dear friend 'Atlanta Rose' on other occassions but today I'd like to dedicate this post exclusively to her... But you know, the 2 or 3 of you out there should feel free to read along.

I've known Rose since, Oh jeez, 1989.... Freakin' 20 years Rose, can you believe it?
Anyway, if I had to describe our friendship I'd have to say that she's the Laurel to my Hardy or the Abbott to my Costello... In a nut-shell, she's my straight man and even though she sets me up for the good lines she's also funny as hell.

Yesterday she dedicated a very sweet blog post to me, which you can find here (Um, you might want to go check this out so the latter part of this post will make sense.)... And today I'm going to reciprocate in the best, most loving way I know how. But first you should know that Rose is one of the most creative and amazingly talented people I know. Got a piece of shit? With a wave of her magical fingers, she can turn that thing into Shine-ola! And she'll achieve this fete with the loose change found in your sofa.

Seriously, Rose is the only person I know who can find a piece of crap at Goodwill and turn it into something featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Not to mention the yard sale finds and dumpster diving prizes she transformed. Quite simply I'm in awe of her talent and when she shares her beautiful designs with me I respond in kind.

When she sent me gorgeous pics of her fall decor:

I responded with a pic of my own efforts:

So Rose, dear friend, This is for YOU!

Oh hello Rose... So glad you could make it for lunch.
Um, I'm sorry I'm not very prepared... Here, let me clear the newspapers off the table... Oh, and you caught me in the middle of doing my math homework... It'll just take me a sec to clear this...

Wha? You don't mind? Oh good, okay, I'll just leave it here and we'll eat around it. Gee thanks Rose, for understanding. You know I don't like to do any more work than I HAVE to.

So, I bet your hungry... Hmmmm, let's see what I've got in the pantry here? OH, these are good!

Um, that is, IF I'd put a chip clip on them... Actually, they're pretty stale... DAMN! Well, let's see what else there is to gnaw on? Hey, these are one of my favorite snacks and so low in carbs... And hey look, never been opened, that means they're FRE-ESH... Want one?
No? Okay... Here we go... Now here's another favorite low carb treat and look teeny-tiny spoons, so it leaves you believing there's so MUCH more to eat than there actually is!
Not really you say? You're just thirsty? Oh, okay... Take a look at how lovely the water looks in my fancy stemware... And just to class it up a bit, I've got a lemon to slice up... Um, wait... This here lemon looks a little worse for wear. Jeez, not sure how long this bad boy has been in my crisper drawer.
Tell you what... I've got a GREAT idea! How 'bout we just go out? There's a 'Chili's' less than a mile from here, whaddya think? My TREAT!

YEAH, that's what I'm talkin' about... And that there lemon/orange slice? That looks fresh, dontcha think? Now, how 'bout an Onion Blossom and one of these...
With 2 spoons of course! Oh What the Hell, let's EACH order one! You know what they said about the ladies on the Titanic choosing to pass on the dessert? And lord knows my van could very well hit an iceberg on the way home so DIG IN!

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Blogger lime said...

hahahahaha, i appreciate the rose's of the world but i am afraid my style is more like yours. and if you don't mind i really need a private moment with that dessert.

7:32 AM, April 04, 2009  
Blogger EmBee said...

About that dessert Lime... You and me BOTH!

9:57 AM, April 04, 2009  
Blogger Katy said...

That's fabulous! I have a friend like Rose and when it's my turn we ALWAYS go out because cooking? Um...not so much!

10:59 AM, April 04, 2009  
Blogger Chris said...

I thought this was funny when I read it yesterday, but didn't have time to comment at the time. The leaf picture as your "fall decorations" made me laugh out loud....literally.

8:30 AM, April 05, 2009  
Blogger kiddiesandkitties said...

kalani11If you need a stand-in for Rose to help you finish those Margarita's, I'm your girl!

4:05 PM, April 05, 2009  

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