Monday, March 14, 2011

I am Ringo

When it comes to music groups the greatest of all time has to be 'The Beatles'*

January 4th, I started a business with 5 other women. We're all in this together, each bringing our strengths in order to build a phenomenal business. But I really gotta be honest here and say two of these women, Lynn & Patti are the real rock stars. In fact, Lynn & Patti are the John Lennon & Paul McCartney of the business.

Instead of rhyming lyrics, Lynn performs bookkeeping magic, handling ALL of the sales figures, making sure the artists get paid, the bills get paid and working desperately hard to keep us flush, or something close to it.

For all the work Lynn does with the money, Patti works an equal amount of magic by managing not only all of our printed business materials and our website and mail lists but also works as a liaison for all of our artists and potential artists.

As for me, I'm Ringo. I struggle to keep the beat.
And every once in a while I compose something like this:

And like my blog posts... Here's something COMPLETELY random...
Paul McCartney makes Mashed Potatoes:

*I'm not going to even entertain an argument on this topic because it's fact, an absolute fact!

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Blogger lime said...

you can't be a rock band without a drummer. someone's got to keep the beat going. don't underestimate your value.

9:20 PM, March 17, 2011  

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