Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Celebratory Evening...

Last night we had dinner at the home of our best friends... And just so you know, they were our 'Best Friends' BEFORE they moved into a house on the water. After a delicious BBQ dinner we celebrated the completion of their brand new 100 ft. dock... Heck, it's more like a pier than a dock. It's beautiful, it's sturdy and It's bound to be there for the next 100 yrs.

We christened the new dock with a bottle of 'Martinelli's' in crystal flutes along with some chocolate dipped strawberries... YUM! We didn't break the bottle on the dock because nobody wants to go wading out into the river and step on broken glass. We did however take a few celebratory photos and lounged around enjoying the view and watching the fish bob for our spent strawberry heads floating in the water... Life is Good!

What a Glorious view! Posted by Picasa


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