Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Freaking Squirrel!

Have you ever heard the screeching sound a squirrel makes? Frankly, it creeps me out.

Growing up in Southern California, we never saw squirrels around our house, NEVER! Here in the East they're everywhere... In the trees, In the yard, In the street, On my deck... I used to think they were cute... Now I would have to agree with my husband that they're nothing but giant rats with big bushy tails... And who would've thought that they could make such an awful noise?

There's been a big nasty squirrel sitting in the tree outside my house this morning screeching away... The sound is much like that of nails being raked along a chalkboard.... And if I didn't have a headache before I do now! Freaking Squirrel!!!!


Blogger lime said...

now imagine a 3rd floor apartment with an attic infested by them...squirrels chasing thru the walls and

6:57 AM, October 27, 2006  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

I had a friend with the same problem in her old victorian house... If it were to happen to me I'd become the RAMBO of squirrel eradication!

10:42 AM, October 27, 2006  

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