Friday, October 27, 2006

Of Brides & Toads

My daughter, 'Nature Girl' like most every other little girl I've ever known (including myself) has already spent time thinking about her wedding... You have no idea how much this pleases me, as the first thought that jumped into my head when the doctor announced that I had given birth to a 'Girl' was "I get to be the mother of a bride!"**... My second thought was, "Well, that was the kiss of death... You've just insured that she'll NEVER marry NOW!"

Anyway, like I was saying... My daughter has been sharing with me some of the thoughts she has when considering what she'd like for her wedding... Mind you she's ONLY 13 but I'm encouraged that I might have escaped that so called 'kiss of death'.

There's a beautiful park not far away that we've taken 'Nature Girl' to ever since she was a tiny thing. 'Valley Garden Park' is quite literally the MOST beautiful place on earth... well, in Delaware anyway. The park is situated in a valley with a pleasant stream that runs through the middle. Fragrant blossoming trees grow everywhere and during the spring entire hillsides are blanketed with daffodills... Every year we take 'Nature Girl' to this park on or around her birthday so she can revel in all things nature related, but most importantly satisfy her need to make friends with the 'Frogs & Toads'... Toads winning out over Frogs every time!

When she was smaller she would don her favorite footware, a pair of green 'Frog face' rain boots or 'puddle-ducks' as most people call them. She'd carry her trusty net on the 6ft. pole in one hand and a giant utility bucket in the other, wander down to the stream and catch her little heart out. All manner of critters would emerge from the stream... Pollywogs, Snapping Turtles, Frogs, Fish and yes, even Snakes. Her greatest joy though has ALWAYS been catching the toads near the stream or along the forest edge. This is why she's decided when she marries, she wants toads prominently featured in the ceremony.

My little 'Nature Girl' wants her marriage ceremony to take place along the stream in Valley Garden Park but before the ceremony begins she wants to have toads with ribbons attached and bells tied to the ribbons to hop down the aisle ahead of her... Quite literally 'Toad-Maids' or 'Toad-Masters' (depending on the color of their throat, did you know that's how you determine their gender?... Neither did I until 'Nature Girl' told me so.) making way for the bride or the hills as I'm not sure you can train a toad to jump down an aisle, but if anyone can 'Nature Girl' would be the one! I think 'Nature Girl' is going to have to choose her groom wisely as this idea might not 'fly' with most men. I rather like it though... It seems to have such an ethereal quality... Surely if there's such a thing as fairies, elves or wood gnomes they would want to attend such an event... As long as no 'Toads' are strangled in the process. In fact I think the idea has merit! I'm thinking if we use those little rubber bands you can get at the orthodontist and tie on the ribbons & bells, they should slip easily onto the front leg of a toad.... Hmmmmm, yeah... This could work!
One of just a million beautiful spots in Valley Garden Park.

This here is a FROG... NOT to be confused with a TOAD... 'Nature Girl' has little patience for those who can't tell the difference... Because to HER the difference is HUGE!!!

**Yes, it's silly that I would have such a trivial thought at such an important moment... But if you knew the disappointment of my own wedding day you'd understand... Not to say the man I married was any problem it was just the event that SUCKED!
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