Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Spirit of Christmas

The other night my daughter and I went out together and finished her Christmas shopping together... Whew!

The next morning I decided to for-go my morning walk and instead wandered down the hall to her room, still in my pajamas, and snuggled up under the covers with her... She often begs me to do this, but I'm more often than not, too busy to take the time.

As we lay there together, under the warmth of the blankets, snuggled up against eachother in her little twin-size bed, we discussed plans for when we were going to get together to wrap her gifts and she turned to me and said with a voice filled with gleeful delight, "Mom, I just can't wait for Christmas!" I asked her if it was because she couldn't wait to see what she was getting. Her reply, "Oh no, I haven't really thought much about that. I just can't wait to have people open the gifts that I'm giving them!"

I'm so proud that my little... I mean, not so little girl really understands the true meaning of Christmas.



Blogger lime said...

moments like that are so precious. i bet you are glad you took the time to snuggle for more than one reason.

1:15 PM, December 21, 2006  

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