Monday, December 11, 2006

"Won't you join us?"

While in a meeting with some friends on Friday night my son (such a wonderful lad) piped up and said, "Before we go on with the meeting let me just say what a wonderful time we had last year with you at our 'Christmas Caroling Party' and I was wondering if you might like to join us again this year?"

Our friends said that, "Yes indeed, we had a wonderful time and would love to join you again this year."

Cut to me sitting there with a smile plastered on my face saying to myself, "Oh yes, another caroling party... That would be lovely.... When in the name of heaven am I going to find time to pull this together?... Why didn't Zak warn me that he was going to throw that on my plate?"

Don't get me wrong... It's not that I don't want to have a Christmas party this year. It's just that it's already Dec. 11th and I'm barely keeping my head above water... What with the shopping, the Christmas cards, the gifts I'm trying to make, keeping up the laundry, the house, the finance stuff and on top of all that I have to take the car to get it smogged.

Then I think back to the party last year and how all of our friends joined together in a sing-along and the joy, the beautiful music shared, the fellowship and the pure delightfulness of the evening... It's something I know I'd miss if we didn't host it again this year.

Yesterday morning over breakfast I told my son that I was on board for the party ONLY if he would work out a date with our friends, help with the invitations, help decide what food to serve and help get the house cleaned up for guests. My husband and my daughter also agreed to the same conditions. So if you don't see many posts in the next couple of weeks, just picture me like that proverbial chicken with the missing head.


Blogger lime said...

i hear ya...kinda like when the hubby announced dec 1 that he wanted the hous epainted by the time his family gets here for's not allowed to take 3 weeks....but i still get to do all the shopping, baking and chrustas cards alone AND he doesn't paint....hhmmm....

8:52 AM, December 11, 2006  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

Oh Lime, I can't EVEN imagine having to throw home decor into the mix! Though my daughters fervent wish is to get her room redecorated during the Christmas break... That's when I'll be slapping on MY painting clothes. I say give hubby a shopping list, a bowl and a mixer... Along with a pen, some addresses and some extra cards and let him get to it!

2:19 PM, December 11, 2006  

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