Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Collective Amnesia...

Call to Mom -

Me: "Hi Mom... Question for you... I'm going to get Kathy towels for Christmas do you remember the color of the tile in her main bathroom?"

Mom: "Oh Gee... Let me think a minute... *chuckle* I really can't remember."

Note: We've only been to Kathy & Andy's house half a million times but damned if we can remember the color of the tile in their bathroom.

Me: "That's the problem, *chuckle* I can't remember for the life of me."

Mom: "We'll I'm going to be seeing Andy tonight, I could ask him for you."

Me: "That won't work, I'm standing in front of the bath towels right this minute so I kinda need to make a decision... I'm thinking it's blue so I currently have blue towels in my cart."

Mom: "Well, I guess that'll work and if not, she always has the downstairs bathroom but I can't remember what color the tile is in that one either."

Me: "Yep, I had the same thought."

Later the same day -

Me: "Hey hon, do you remember the color of the tile in Kathy & Andy's main bath? I bought towels for Kathy for Christmas."

Husband: "I laugh that you would expect me to remember something like that?"

Later still -

Me: "Hey sweetie, do you remember the color of the tile in the bathroom at Kathy's house?"

Daughter: "Huh? I'm thinking but I can't remember."

Me: "I'm thinking it's blue."

Daughter: "I can't remember, but I know it's definitly not blue."

Me: "Well, what about her downstairs bathroom?"

Daughter: "She HAS a downstairs bathroom?"

Conclusion - I purchased the blue towels because EVEN if her bathroom doesn't have blue tile... These towels are SO spectacular she's going to want to completely remodel the bath just to have them match... But just in case, I'm hanging on to the receipt.

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Blogger lime said...

if her bathroom isn't blue mine is. and it's got about a dozen different shades and tones of blue so the towels are bound to match.

i so want to hear about your color selecting system! i'm trying to decide if i dig this pink. not that i can change it now or anything.....

9:15 AM, December 06, 2006  

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