Monday, December 04, 2006

Who killed Frosty?

During my morning walks I like to admire the houses in my neighborhood... I like the way folks adorn their front porches and landscape their yards to impart a bit of originality... Without these things it's a very cookie-cutter development.

Now that the Christmas season is here it's nice to behold the individuality of the holiday decor adorning the outside of the homes... The wreaths on the doors, The boughs strung along the porch rails and the lights, even though they're darkened in the light of day. The one thing I DON'T appreciate however (AND YOU JUST KNEW THERE'D BE SOMETHING FOR ME TO BITCH ABOUT) are those lawn ornaments deflated on the front lawns... In the light of morning they resemble nothing more than brightly colored trash bags strewn across the neighborhood. I understand that you wouldn't want to keep your 6 ft. tall, fabric, Frosty the Snowman powered up all day... Especially with the added annoyance of having to listen to the fan noise blustering 24 hours a day... But folks, are you aware of how really horrible looking these items appear, collapsed in giant heaps all over your yards? Rather than filling me with holiday glee, my mind is instead filled with visions of WWII paratroopers shot through the heart as they slowly drifted to the ground... Their bodies now shrouded with gayly printed parachute fabric.

It's pretty windy in this part of the country today... There is one home up the street that apparently feels the same way I do about the 'collapsed' blow-up figures in the yard. This particular house keeps their Santa & Snowman fully inflated 24-7... I'm not sure they're aware however, that the GIANT black straps they've attached to the creatures in order to keep them tethered, give off a very S&M feel... Or who knows, perhaps that's what they were going for? As for the rest of the inflatable lawn ornaments? Maybe they've already blown away!



Blogger lime said...

i find those giant inflatable things annoying in any state...inflated, deflated or otherwise. i think they are garish. and the snow globe things are the WORST!

7:49 AM, December 05, 2006  

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