Friday, January 05, 2007

When a mattress on the floor is the only option...

Salesmen... You know the type, Waaay to cocky... Gabby to the point of annoyance... Wanna be your pal and best friend as long as he can make a sale... And the only reason he's bragging to you about his new Mazda is because he wants you to believe he's terribly successful and more than likely talking like he's such a BIG man because he's compensating for that one place he ISN'T.

Meet 'Andy', the guy from that 'Giant Mattress' store that sold me a bed frame last week for my daughters room. Now the first guy, Fred, who began waiting on my daughter and I, is a really nice guy... Proof that there are a lot of great people out there who hold the jobs of 'Salespeople'... Guys like Andy are the ones that make 'Salesman' a dirty word. It's unfortunate that 'Fred' couldn't finish the sale because the bed I wanted had been discontinued... But, Andy is the Manager of 'Giant Mattress' and he was bound and determined to make sure he sold me something! I should've picked up on that overly eager gleam in his eye... I should've said something when he berated 'Fred' for messing up the computer system that he himself seemed to be having problems with... I definitely should've spoken up when 'Andy' began telling me what a 'pain-in-the-ass' his wife was because she wanted him to cart a large object home in his brand new Mazda (Here's a hint buddy, Never dis your woman to another woman... We kinda stick together when it comes to doofus's like you.) I was smart, I DID leave the store but when the discontinued item becomes the best deal, it's difficult to stay away... So I went back to 'Giant Mattress' and told 'Andy' that I'd take him up on his offer to find me the bed at one of the other stores.

I marveled as I listened to 'Andy' go through a series of 'song & dance' routines with other 'Giant Mattress' employees across the region. 'Andy' was telling them that one of his employees "The Bitch", he said, "sold the model I had promised to my relatives (that was supposed to be us.) out from under me!" I was with my friend Lori and my daughter at the time... We were somewhat amazed, awed I should say at how this guy just kept going on with lie after lie... And I let him do it because dammit, now I really wanted that bed.

'Andy' tracked down the bed... Found a "sweet" floor model somewhere in 'Jersey' that's been hanging from the wall (like the one in his store) so it's pretty certain it'll be free of scratches and dents. The bed was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday for me to pick up at the store. Whoops! It's Friday now and guess what? Still no bed! The trouble is this... Now 'Andy' is lying to me. I guess I deserve it... I stood there and watched this guy show me what a slime-ball he is and didn't acknowledge the warning signs that were glaringly obvious. I guess that's what makes me so mad! That because I wanted that bed I was somehow a party to the rudeness he displayed toward others.

I called 'Giant Mattress' on Wednesday evening because they hadn't called to tell me the bed was in... I already knew, even before I called the store on Wednesday night that the bed wouldn't be there... I think I knew deep down in my gut, before I even left the store that 'Andy' was going to screw me over too. The employee I spoke with on Wednesday night said 'Andy' wasn't in but said that he was aware what the problem was. He explained that the truck went to the store in Jersey to pick up the bed only to find that it's still displayed on the wall... The driver wouldn't disassemble it and the woman who worked at the store was physically incapable of taking it down and apart... Understandable... But, I wonder what 'Andy' is going to DO about it... He wasn't in, so I couldn't ask. The employee kindly explained that he would be in tomorrow (Thursday) and I could call back then... My reply, "Thank you, but I'd like you to leave a message with 'Andy' to call ME... He knew there was a problem and he should've called to let me know about it... And since I don't know his schedule I think it's best he get in touch with me." Did I hear from 'Andy - The Manager' on Thursday... Of course NOT! So I waited until 4:00 (thought I'd give him plenty of time in case he was having a busy day.) and I called, and he answered. I told him who I was and asked what was going on with the bed that was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. He said, "Oh, Mrs. Blystone, Uh ya, let me just check on that."... I heard a lot of clicking on the computer, an "I'll be with you in a moment sir." and then, "Um ya, Mrs. Blystone, I'm gonna have to check into that, are you calling from home? Yes, Okay, I'll check that right out for you and call you right back." ..........................................................................

You guessed it... 'Andy - The Manager of Giant Mattress' never called me back... Surprise!

Today I'm heading over to 'Giant Mattress' with my husband and hopefully 'Andy' will have a moment to let me know when I can expect my freaking bed... Until then my daughter will continue to sleep on her mattress on the floor.



Blogger lime said...

i say you ask for a refund in full. andy is a schmuck of the hisghest order. after the refund you write to his superiors and let them know what youthink of their manager.

4:07 PM, January 05, 2007  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

I'm in total agreement about the schmuck part Lime... But I still want that damn bed... Spoke with 'Andy' who says the bed was broken in half when the 'Jersey Girl' tried to get it off the wall, he said she was afraid to tell him (Andy) about the accident... Now 'Andy' tells me he spoke with his regional manager who tracked down another bed in "pristine condition" and they're going to deliver and set-up free of charge next Friday.

I know, I know, I should just cancel the order and spare myself more grief but I'm holding out hope for that bed because...
a) It's the perfect size for my daughters ultra-small bedroom.
b) It's one of the few I've found made of wood (her old daybed was rod-iron and she'd freeze every time she rolled over and accidently touched the bars.) that's the right color to match the rest of her furniture.
c) It was $250 CHEAPER than every other bed out there!

Does that make me a schmuck too? Because I sure feel like one!

8:44 PM, January 05, 2007  
Blogger lime said...

no, it doesn't make yo ua means you knwo what you want.

11:30 AM, January 08, 2007  
Anonymous Linda J. said...

so,did you get the bed? If so,does Sarah love it? Don't keep us in suspense, PUHLEEZ

9:36 PM, January 08, 2007  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

I can't promise saving you from the suspense Linda... Even I'm not sure if the bed will truly arrive on Friday... But you can bet that if it doesn't, I'm cancelling the order.

3:28 PM, January 09, 2007  

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