Monday, March 19, 2007

Those Poor, Poor Robins...

Just when you think it's time to celebrate the magic that is Spring, the world turns all snowy and miserable cold again.

Lately my expression looks a lot like the Robin Red Breasts I've seen around our area. Confused and a mite pissed-off. I mean, poor Robin... Where in the hell are you gonna score a worm when the earth is crusted with an inch thick layer of ice? Here's a word of advice dear Robin... Go back from whence you came!... And if it's warm and sunny there please take me with you!

I've spent the last few days hunkered down at home... Sitting by the fire and cursing what I sincerely hope to be the last blast of winter. My son was born on April 7th to a dusting of snow, so I know it's possible we could see more of the cold white crappy stuff. I don't always hate snow... I just hate it late in the season and especially when it accompanied by ice and freezing rain. I'd swear it's taking a toll on my psyche as I've been feeling flu-like for the last few days... Run-down, tired, aching all over... Like the cold has at last sucked all the strength from my bones. I need sunshine and exercise... A good dose of fresh air... The kind of air that doesn't freeze my face, make my nose run and make every muscle in my body tighten in order to maintain warmth.

I'm whining, I know... And nobody really likes a whiner but this California girl has had enough... Let it be Spring Already!



Blogger lime said...

i say we hunker down and hibernate until spring really means it.

1:40 PM, March 19, 2007  

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