Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gremlins In My Modem

It was bound to happen... It always does. Whenever I have a desire to accomplish something on the computer, that's when something in the system decides to act like a spoiled child screaming "I don't wanna!"

I had hoped to catch up on some serious blogging on Friday... That would be the same day my husband and my son (the 'Techno Men') left for Virginia to visit my mother-in-law. That meant 'Girls Weekend' for my daughter and I, which is always a fun bonding time for both of us. However, she does sleep in on Saturdays so it was an opportune time to return e-mails and write and read blogs.... My computer replied with, "Not so much!"

I really shouldn't blame the computer but rather the Modem. Our modem is a little black box with 4 lights on the front... I've been told by my son (Techno Guy Numero Uno), that all the little lights must be on to show that the modem is working properly. I tried to open e-mail to no avail on Friday night and again on Saturday morning. Well, I shouldn't say it wasn't working AT ALL... Because in fact it allowed me to download just a partial amount of info and then it would shut down. I've been told when this happens that I should unplug one of the cords from the modem, wait roughly 10 seconds and then plug it back in and that should rectify the problem. Like that piece of lint on the floor that my old vacuum refused to pick up, I repeated this process over and over again most of Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday.... Great frustration ensued.

Eventually I talked with my son on the phone Sunday... (He and my husband decided it was safer to wait 'til Monday to travel due to the surprise 5 inches of snow that fell... I'm quite sure the LATEST storm was due to all of that global warming Al Gore keeps warning us about... Shhhheeeeya Right!) My son said since I'd tried the unplug method he wasn't really sure what was going on but he would try to fix it as soon as he returned. The horror... Yet another day without internet!... And then, to my daughters horror, the PS2 ceased functioning also! This meant intense bonding time for my daughter and I but I think we made the most of it... Laughing together, taking the dog for a walk on the golf course in the falling snow and clearing the walks and driveway.

Last night when my son got home from school he went straight to work on the modem... Within minutes he had it up and running... Seems there was dust in the connection (who knew I needed to dust the modem?) Linda J., I'm not sure if my reply to your e-mail ever went through during the 'spotty modem connection fiasco' but I hope you got it. As for those of you who've sent comments on the blog... Sorry, I wasn't ignoring you... Just cursing the gremlins in my modem. As for the PS2... Techno guys checked it out and it seems to have fried itself... Darn thing is only 5 months old and of course, we threw out the receipt! I imagine after the vacuum explosion, and now the PS2, I fear which of the electrical items in our house is next to go!



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