Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Yoga and It's HOT!

So last night was my first 'Bikram (HOT) Yoga' class. It started at 7:30, I arrived at 7:45... I was hoping I'd be too late but being the first night of the session it took a while to get everyone signed in so I was right on time... Lucky me!

Having completed my first HOT Yoga class I came away with 3 things and they are:

1. I didn't realize ankles sweat.

2. It really doesn't matter what you look like when you do yoga in a group. Everyone is so into getting their own pose correct they could care less what you're doing. Except for the instructor but he's supposed to make sure you're positioned right. And man, do you want to please that guy... Not because he intimidates you but because he's kinda cute and you want to look like the best damn Yoga Guru you possibly can... Although, there are some positions that are just plain impossible for this body. For instance, laying on the floor, bringing my knees to my chest and crossing my arms over my knees, then grabbing each elbow. This may be an easy task for a 'skinny' girl... A chubby girl, not so much! Perhaps I'll grow longer arms before the session ends?

3. Post Bikram Yoga sleep is the best damn rest you'll ever know. Lately I've been an insomniac. Just the night before last I couldn't shut my brain down until well after 2:00am. So many concerns about the design project I'm working on spin through my head throughout the day and as soon as I hit the pillow all the details begin to make me anxious. Last night however, I was out before I even settled into a comfortable position. However, because of all that water I was drinking I woke suddenly twice during the night with a powerful urge to go. Usually I wake slowly and kind of decide whether it's indeed necessary to head to the bathroom. Not last night! Last night it was WAKE UP & GO! Then head back to bed and fall back into that deep wonderful sleep immediately after the head hits the pillow.

It goes without mentioning that I'm a little sore today. Mostly my back, legs and upper arms (probably from trying to grab the elbows that were wrapped around me knees) but maybe, just maybe, I feel kinda good. Kinda like I did something nice for myself, for this body that although I don't take very good care of it, it takes good care of me. I can't say I'm 'Looking Forward' to my next class tomorrow night (ugh!) but I'm no longer filled with anxiety about the horrors of sweating my guts out. Nor am I thrilled with the idea of the pain associated with holding a position that makes every muscle in my body scream, "What the HELL do you think you're doing woman?" What I am looking forward to is the post yoga experience. The worn out high I felt and another terrific nights sleep.

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