Friday, May 25, 2007

Camera Shy

A couple of months ago my trusty-rusty Olympus C-2100 digital camera with the 10X zoom, took a terrible spill... A fall so tragic that it was left with it's little digital dial hanging by a single thread of a wire. If cameras were to bleed, I'm certain the red-cross would have been little help to my poor broken camera. That camera and I, Oh we went places! The things we saw... The pictures we took... Vegas, Southern California (twice!), Key West, Florida and The Bahamas. Not to mention the Weddings and the Baby's and just the quick shots we'd take around the house.

I'll admit my eye wandered during our partnership. It was when my trusty-rusty Olympus started to show her age by taking an eternity to start up or even allow me another frame while I'd try to capture a shot of my niece who moves at warp speed, I would curse her (the camera, not my niece.) More than once I would whisper under my breath or sometimes shout to my husband, "If ONLY I had a Canon EOS!" The fact is I wasn't worthy of the quality pictures my sweet Olympus produced for me. She quite simply, made me a far better photographer than I could've ever hoped to be. *sniff*

Last night I made the decision to replace my dear old Olympus and today I'm the proud, yet reluctant owner of a sharp little 'Canon Power Shot S3 IS'... Ask me how many pictures I've taken with it.... NONE! I spent the better part of the morning just figuring out how to attach the neck strap. In my defense, the instructions were rather vague... Probably because the people at Canon figured if the mook who bought the thing couldn't put the freakin' neck strap on, then how in the hell did they even THINK they could manipulate this camera? I've looked through the many booklets that accompany my little 'Power Shot' but I'm tired and it's much like reading Greek. I know what I really need to do is JUST start shooting pictures, JUST DO IT! But I'm daunted... I knew my old Olympus so well... This thing, it just has SO many buttons... So many different screens, modes, settings, etc.

I'm waiting for my son to come home from school. He has this innate sense with electronic equipment... He just seems to somehow KNOW how it all works (WITHOUT having to read a freaking manual.) I figure if he's around he'll be able to walk me through the process... Introduce me to my new little friend, so to speak. I think I'll get used to this little guy (why this camera is a 'Guy' I'm not quite sure) before too long... I just need to pick him up and start taking some pictures... Did I mention he has a 12X zoom?! :-)

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