Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More Weirdness on the Web...

*Image from my t-shirt, I put it on in order to take a picture of me in it but when I looked in the bathroom mirror it appeared backwards (duh!) and seemed to read as an odd spelling of 'Boobs', so I decided to go this route.

First let me state that I am a HUGE fan of the blog Dooce and it's author Heather B. Armstrong. I've been reading this particular blog even before I knew what blogging was. How so, you ask? I was studying interior design and searching on the web as to how one might install recessed lighting in a plaster and lathe ceiling and BAM!... There, in all its glory were the painstaking details of the kitchen that Heather and her husband gutted and refurbished in their craftsman style home. The thing was, it wasn't written in a sterile manner, nor a 'Handyman's' guide on 'How To'... It was written with great humor and angst. I myself had lived through a kitchen remodel whilst pregnant and I could completely relate!

I fell hard for Heather, I want to hang-out with Heather, I want to be able to write and photograph like Heather.... and I've got the 'Dooce' t-shirt to prove it (though I wish it was made in a slightly bigger size) ... In fact, Dooce is the first blog I read every day (she unfortunately takes weekends off.) I'm sure many of the 100's of thousands who read her blog relate to Heather in different ways. I myself being a 'recovering Mormon' see great humor and truth in much of what she 'calls out' on this particular subject. I too have the 10 yr. old mentality in which God is going to cast me out for no longer closing my eyes when I'm surrounded with people in prayer.

"And one time during a prayer I let my eyes slip open and was immediately struck with a panic that THE LORD WOULD KNOW. And he was right now sending my sleeping bag from the Celestial level of heaven all the way down to the Telestial level where I and all the rapists and murderers and women who wore revealing tank tops would spend the rest of our eternity."

From today's post Wed. May 7th 2008 - We're back in the will!

Which leads me to 'Today'... The morning talk show, to be exact. This morning the show did a piece on 'Mommy Bloggers' and Heather Armstrong was featured in an interview. Here's where the weirdness comes in... I was so excited to see this interview because it felt as though my own sister was taking part. I felt nervous for her, I critiqued what she was wearing, I wanted to give Kathy Lee a swift kick when 'she who knows nothing about blogging' began saying it made her uncomfortable. I also felt the interview was over far too quickly.

How strange it is, this thing, that is blogging. I know more intimate details of the lives of the people I read about than I do most of my family members, ie. Parents, Brother, Sisters. I relate and sympathize with the joys and the pains of these individuals. We know little truth of the celebrities who are featured within the pages of People and Us type magazines. Most items are sensationalized by a money hungry media. Frankly, I have little use for the gossip those publications condone. But a person who manages the daily up's and down's of life and writes honestly and well of the humor found therein? Well, that's someone I can relate to.

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Blogger lime said...

it really never ceases to amaze me the connections we can make through blogging.

6:51 AM, May 08, 2008  
Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

I felt the same way when Diablo Cody won the Oscar. I read her blog forever (she now unfortunately only does MySpace) and LOVED her book. When she won I felt like one of my girlfriends had won.
Man, I need a life.

10:52 AM, May 13, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

I read Diablo too, on MySpace and it's just not the same as a blog. I enjoyed her book too... But man, there was that one part that REALLY disturbed me... You know the part I'm referring to?

11:11 AM, May 13, 2008  

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