Sunday, May 04, 2008


Thursday evening I had the distinct pleasure of attending the opera with a group from The New School. The Grand Opera House often extends invitations to the school for dress rehearsal night of a new production. The last opera I tagged along for was 'The Pirates of Penzance'. I'm not a huge opera fan but I LOVE theatre productions so I'll take a live show any way I can get it, especially if it's free!

Now, when I say I had the 'distinct pleasure' of attending the opera on Thursday, I say it merely because of the company in which I shared. As far as this particular opera... Well, let's just say that 'Little Women' was (I believe) NEVER intended to be set entirely to song, especially the operatic kind. I'm reluctant to critique the production too harshly as I'm not much of an expert on opera but frankly, it hurt my head... And since I was in the company of friends who have studied music who had pretty much the same impression... Well, 'nuff said.

On Friday I had the even GREATER pleasure of attending a play put on by the students and staff of The New School. Now of course I'm going to be quite biased here and gush about how excellent this entire production was... However, I'd never be able to write about it as eloquently as my friend Amy... Who, I should add, is also a parent at The New School. However biased we may be, I urge you to go to her site and read the review of 'What the North Wind Saw'... The pictures I took can be found here.

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