Friday, April 18, 2008

For Heavens Sake... Wake Up Already!

Yesterday morning as I began to feel the full force of this creeping crud descending on me I called the doctor for an appointment... Not that I really needed the appointment. After all, all the doctor needs do is weigh me (good god!), take my blood pressure (argh!), take my temp (mmmmph!), look in my ears (huh?) and put a stethascope against the front and back of my shirt and ask me to breath deep (in, out, in, out, *hack*cough*hack* in, out, in, out!) This is the scenario every single time I go to the doctor for a respiratory infection, which I get a raging recurrence of, at least a couple of times a year (no really dad, I don't think all those years of inhaling your second hand smoke had anything to do with it!)

Anyway, the only REAL reason I'm at the doctors office (and both she and I know it), is for that precious slip of paper with the prescription for an antibiotic written on it. It's what I know I need and it's what she knows I need, the moment I greet her with my dark circled eyes and croaking voice.... So back to my main point... I call the doctors office yesterday morning only to find they have no openings until Friday morning... FRIDAY MORNING!!! ACK! I'll surely die before then!... But okay, if it's all you got? I'll just lay my pounding head against this table until then... Oh, and the only opening is for 8:15? GREAT! You don't mind if I come in un-showered and half dead do you? Fine, I'll be there at the ass-crack of dawn (I know, that's not early at all to some of you... to me, feeling the need to shower, shampoo & shine before I leave the house... Well, it IS early dammit!)

So, this morning, in my headachy virus induced haze, while I was just on the verge of wakefulness, I sunk into a restless dream... A nightmare of sorts. I dreamed I was at a meeting, it was around noon time and I suddenly came to the realization I'd missed my doctors appointment. In the dream I was also feeling quite miserable and the idea of having to make it through the entire weekend without meds had me scrambling to find my purse so I could phone my doctors office from my cell and see if she could fit me in before the end of the day. Searching desperately for my purse, I at last, notice it upon a very high shelf, which even though I'm quite tall have absolutely no chance of reaching. I begin searching around for a step-stool... I notice several laying around but I can't figure out how to open the contraptions... Growing increasingly frustrated I finally locate one that folds out and allows me to reach up and grab my purse... My purse, which I find turned upside down on the very tall shelf, spilling all it's contents just beyond my grasp... Achieving a tip-toe stance I struggle to grasp all the do's and dad's normally contained in my purse. At last stepping down from the stool I discover my cell phone isn't in my purse at all!... I guess, because I'm at a meeting, all cell phones have been placed in a docking station of sorts on a credenza. I begin searching desperately through every conceivable type of cell phone known to man, for MY cell... The one with the number for my doctor programmed into it... The doctor, that as I stand there fretting, is probably closing her office early on a Friday so she can hit the sale at Macy's.... So that come Monday, she'll have a knew blouse and pair of slacks to wear with her sleek white lab coat... While they're laying me out at the local funeral home (I know, oh the drama!) I guess it was at this point that the stress of the dream became too much for my feverish brain and I awakened to find the clock reading 7:05... Grateful to realize I had indeed, NOT, missed my appointment, I slogged out of bed so I could get showered, shampooed and shined before the doctor would inevitably go through the examination process all so I could get my hands on that blessed slip of paper... Antibiotics... Sweet, sweet, Antibiotics!

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Blogger lime said...

oh man, as if being sick weren't bad enough, then your brain decides to torment you like that! well, now that you have the drugs go back to bed until you feel better.

10:30 PM, April 18, 2008  
Anonymous Christy said...

shoot--I left me comment for this post on the one before it by accident--SORRY! Maybe you can move it (see, I am a dork!)

11:03 AM, April 19, 2008  
Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

If it makes you feel better, I couldn't even get a prescription for antibiotics for my CAT without taking her into the doctor first, even though the problem she had was exactly what I told them it was when I asked for the prescription in the first place.

5:27 PM, April 19, 2008  
Blogger Stacie said...

Oh Yikes! I hate those kinds of dreams...and it's always like that when you're really stressed about missing an appointment or something like that too..

I hope you got your meds and are feeling much better now. Take care and get some rest.


10:13 AM, April 20, 2008  

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