Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bleery Eyed Conversation @ 4:45am

Moi: *knowing we went to bed without power I awaken to the blinking alarm clock which has ab-so-freakin-lutely NO idea what the current time is*

Husband: *hears me struggling with my tiny flashlight in order to find the current time on the wrist-watch I left on my nightstand* "You don't need to look, it's 4:40am"

Moi: "And how can you know that for sure?"

Husband: "I just do."

Moi: *not trusting husband still attempts to read wrist-watch, even while foggy in the head* "Um, not it's not, it's only 4:10." (Didn't know I was holding watch upside down at the time.)

Husband: "You're wrong."

Moi: *trying and failing to set the correct time on the alarm clock, which intermittently starts playing the radio*

Husband: "What are you doing? I've got 15 min. of sleep left and you're setting the alarm clock?"

Moi: "No you don't, it's only 4:10!"

Husband: "Take a look at your watch again."

Moi: *finds tiny flashlight and wrist-watch and attempts to read the time again, whilst brain continues to fight to engage* "Hey, it's ONLY 2:42!"

Husband: "No honey, believe me, it's 4:42."

Moi: "You're wrong."

Husband: "No, you're wrong!"

Moi: "What, you think because the birds are singing a certain song, you can just GUESS what time it is?"

Husband: "No, I KNOW what time it is!"

Moi: "Well my watch says 2:45, so your wrong!" *with mostly disengaged brain I pick up the phone to assess the time, but for some reason I can't get the phone to show the time*

Husband: "What, are you doing now?"

Moi: "I'm going to PROVE to you it's ONLY 2:45!"

Husband: "Oh, O-kaaaay!"

Moi: *realizing the bedside phone isn't going to show me the time, I heave my addled brain and tired body out of bed*

Husband: "Where are you going now?"

Moi: "To get my cell phone downstairs, THAT will tell me the correct time!"

Husband: "But I already TOLD you the correct time."

Moi: *stumbles downstairs, fishes through purse, finds cell phone, engages it, only to find the time posted as 4:50am, stumbles back upstairs*

Husband: "So what did your cell phone tell you?"

Moi: *completely confused, picks up tiny flashlight and points it at wrist-watch again* muttering... "What the hell is wrong with my watch? Did the battery die? No, the seconds hand is still moving? I don't understand?"

Husband: "Perhaps you still have it set for California time?"

Moi: "OH Yeah.... SHIT!" *Coming more fully awake now I begin to realize I wasn't even reading the watch correctly, it was in fact 1:52 am (stupid watch with no numbers and just lines)*

Husband: *feeling all superior* "See, I told you... Now there's 15 min. of my sleep I'll never get back."

Moi: "HEY! Where's my pillow?"

Husband: *snickers*

Because my brain came fully awake by 5:00 am (well as fully awake as it gets), I went back downstairs and made my husband breakfast... Ya know, because I felt bad about that 15 min. of lost sleep... I also finished a book I was reading. My brain is now mostly engaged on just 4 and half hours of sleep... It's gonna be a long day.

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Blogger Chris said...

As the great band Chicago once pondered....
"Does anybody REALLY know what time it is?"

7:19 PM, April 22, 2009  
Blogger Nature Girl said...

LOL...this soooooo could have been a conversation in my house! I hope you got your power back...we didn't lose ours here, but I'm kinda suprised really..I thought we would..these storms are bizarre!

11:04 AM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Katy said...

My husband can do the same thing. And it pisses me off to no end when he's always right too. I think it's a holdover of my adolescent days. ;)

1:14 PM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger lime said...

oh i can soooo easily see that scene.

jet lag is a bitch.

9:22 AM, April 24, 2009  

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