Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Color Project

As last week ended and I looked at the calendar for what this week might hold, I was dismayed to see a long string of nothing, and I mean NOTHING going on. Not one appointment, not one meeting... just crickets chirping.

I know I complain a lot when things get too busy and hectic, but were you also aware that I tend to complain when there's nothing to do? Well of course you did, because by now, I'm sure you've come to the conclusion that I complain about everything!

Anywho, I needn't have despaired because my calendar magically filled up this week and I've been having SO much fun as a result. You see, my friend 'J' whose family has been renting a home for the past couple of years, finally found a place to settle down. I'm so happy they've finally planted some roots here.

So, 'J' and her family are fortunate to have a couple of weeks in which to move everything out of the rental house and their storage unit, into the new place, so the process is WAY less stressful. It's a good thing too, because this way they can have a painter come in and do his job without having to work around a bunch of furniture. And it's a good thing they hired a painter because DAMN! The former owner of this house LOVED her some PINK! We're not talking ANY pink, we're talking PINK-PINK! As in, hand me the Pepto-Bismol honey because I think I'm gonna hurl Pink! The master-bedroom is a 'peachy' pink... The master-bath is a baby girl nursery pink... One of the bedrooms is nipple pink... And then to tone down the pink Corian countertops in the kitchen, the former owners sponged the walls mint green with you guessed it, a pink patterned wallpaper border... This of course flows perfectly into the mint green family room and at the end of the hall you'll find a Carnation Pink powder room.

So my job, and I chose to accept it... Actually I begged for it!... Has been as a color consultant for 'J' and her Pepto-Pink house. On Monday we went through each room cringing and laughing at all that needed to be painted over. With paint chits in hand we struggled to imagine an entire wall painted the color of a 2" swatch... A daunting task, mind you. With notebook in hand, 'J' wrote down colors and corresponding numbers.

On Tuesday, we did a lot more of the same (this is a BIG house, with a MASSIVE open floor plan.) We also came up with a fun paint scheme for her daughter 'H's' room, which I can't wait to get started on.

Yesterday 'J' picked up paint samples from 3 different dealers so we could test the colors on the walls and see if they worked. And I must say, even that was a trial with all that Pink! You have to kind of cup your hands around your eyes and try to focus solely on the block of color on the wall, otherwise the Pink can mottle up the whole look.

Today 'J' meets with the painter to instruct him as to the color choices she's made. I'm both excited and nervous that I've helped steer her in the right direction, with colors she'll be happy with for a long time. One thing you can bet on... None of the colors she chose are even CLOSE to Pink!



Blogger lime said...

nipple pink. i can't even get past that color description. it's like flesh tone bandaids. whose flesh? i do have a box of "multicultural" crayola crayons. all shades of brown and peach. i can imagine a whole book of nipple pink chits so we can be inclusive and diverse.

also, living in a pepto pink house would make me need to chug pepto by the gallon.

12:00 PM, August 20, 2009  

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