Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nature Girl Photography

So the other day Nature Girl and I took a mini photo safari around the front yard at our friends house. The results of some of my shots can be found here... But I thought I'd dedicate a special post to these pics:

Well looky, who do we have here? This not so little guy/gal? would like to say Hiya!
(I was able to get this shot with the tutelage of Nature Girl. She was all, "Okay, wait, wait, refocus, wait, okay, take it NOW!" All while holding her own camera and that giant bug!)

I am definitely not brave enough to actually hold insects of this size but for 'Nature Girl' it's well, second nature.
I am consistently amazed that she can hold the camera still enough with one hand to manage clear, crisp macro shots. Eventually our little friend wanted to get a better idea of just exactly what this big black thing was. If it were possible, I think our Mantis buddy would've started taking his own nature pictures.I have to tell you, at one point when I was shooting my macro shots the mantis climbed onto MY camera and I managed okay until, I felt this guy sneak up beside me and start flicking his tail against my right arm....That's the only time I let out a scream.

Oh yeah, my Kick-Ass I-Pod Shuffle Tune of the Day: C'mon, like the Beatles EVERY I-Pod should have AT LEAST one song by this artist. It's a perfect walking beat, add a little bounce and maybe a little hip movement and your walk becomes a half-dance... And when you pass someone looking at you with a smirk... Just smile, nod and keep on shuffling.

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Blogger lime said...

praying mantises are just so darned cool. and those pictures are terrific.

i can just imagine you yelping when the cat flicked you. too funny.

and uh, don't hate me but i have neither the beatles nor MJ on my iPod.

3:35 PM, September 16, 2009  
Blogger Chris said...

That's a great specimen you gals got to see there! Don't they eat their spouses, like Black Widows though?

6:04 PM, September 16, 2009  
Blogger EmBee said...

Lime, I KNOW you have GREAT taste in music but lacking MJ & The Beatles??? That's just criminal!

Chris, Yes they do... We couldn't be sure if this Mantis was of the man eating variety or the victim variety.

9:06 AM, September 17, 2009  
Blogger Christy said...

Those photos are amazing! That praying mantis was enormous! I'm going to check out her site--very cool!

8:50 AM, September 21, 2009  
Blogger Nature Girl said...

Those mantis' fascinate me! I had several egg pods (can't remember their names) in my yard in VA and got to see one hatch and kept a few babies for a couple of weeks to watch them grow...they were awsome! Hard to believe that the ones I set free just before I left town would be about that size now...so cool!

You might want to check into Huntley Meadows...not sure how far you guys live from there, but it's about time for their annual photography contest and Nature Girl would have a really great chance at winning for her age division! The only catch is that all photos entered must be take AT Huntley Meadows....just a thought...it's a great park and I bet Nature Girl would love it there! All kinds of birds, snakes, turtles, flowers, trees, deer, you name it..it's one of my fave places in VA! check it out..

(the OTHER Nature Girl) LOL

12:14 PM, September 23, 2009  
Blogger Nature Girl said...

ugh...loong comment just got eaten! grrrrr....
Huntly Meadows photo contest...check it out...Nature Girl would be great at it!

12:15 PM, September 23, 2009  
Blogger EmBee said...

Hooray Stacie, Your comment didn't get eaten after all.

Since we're often down in Virginia and quite near Alexandria we'll definitely have to check out Huntley Meadows. Is this where you did all that kayaking?

I checked out their website but didn't find any info regarding a photo contest but Nature Girl and I thank you for the heads up.

btw: She did enter a photo contest for the NWF and is planning to enter a second here soon for Cecil County Tourism... We'll keep you posted as to the results.

3:59 PM, September 23, 2009  
Blogger Nature Girl said...

Sometimes it's not listed on their website, but their nature center is open every day BUT Tuesday...NOT on Tuesday...you can walk in and ask (if you're already there anyway) and pick up an application. I think, if memory serves, you can enter up to 3 photos. I didn't kayak there, but the MAJORITY of my nature photography in VA was done out there...they have it all...that's where I got all those beaver shots and turtles and most of my snake pics too...LOVE that place! you want to go to the main entrance where the nature center is...then take that trail out to the boardwalk and do the loop...the majority of the good photo ops are on the boardwalk and don't be afraid to hang upside down over the boardwalk and look under...

Did I mention I love that place???

Yay for her entering that other photo contest too...that's too cool! I have another one I have a link for I'll send you for her...

She has a lot of talent, I've admired her photos for awhile now! Does she have a flickr account? it's free, and a GREAT learning tool, but there's a lot of stuff out there...might be something you want to look into first..but soooooo much nature stuff and a great way to learn from others...

7:35 PM, September 23, 2009  
Blogger EmBee said...

Hey Stacie, We can't wait to check it out... Maybe, next weekend. Thanks for the heads up!... And it's just a hunch but I think you Love that place. Also, she doesn't have a Flickr account, we decided we really liked smugmug because of the quality the site gives for displaying the images. You have to pay a little bit but $15 a year is minimal.

10:36 AM, September 24, 2009  

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