Thursday, September 10, 2009

White Capped & Wind Blown

Last year it was Hurricane Hannah, this year it's just like a hurricane but without the weather service christening the weather with a name.

For the past three days we've been mostly holed up in the beach house, ducking out of the wind and the rain between visits to the nearby shops. Fortunately we ALL like eachother and we have a plethora of books, games & puzzles to keep us occupied. While the 13 of us are capable of entertaining ourselves at the cottage... There are, inconceivably, 3 CRAZY men out golfing in this today. My husband however, has always told me it NEVER rains on a golf course.

This is the view of the ocean today from the deck off my bedroom:

And this is a view of the furniture on the deck off my bedroom (kinda reminds me of the sinking scene in Titanic.):

Last night my husband was griping about the amount of banging the kids were doing so late at night. I think he should've been upset at the patio furniture instead.

My Kick Ass I-Pod Shuffle Tune of the Day:
What? You don't think I walked today? YES, Yes I did! Fortunately it wasn't raining at the time but if I didn't have this extra girth the wind might have just lifted me up and taken me out to sea. I didn't walk yesterday due to rain aaaannnnd a bit of laziness, I'll admit... So today's walk started out with seriously burning calves but I was determined to plow through. I was really losing hope that ANY song would have an effect on the pain in my legs until THIS song came into rotation. Now this is the beauty of the I-pod, how a song can transport you to a place where fatigue and aching, burning muscles are no longer in the forefront of your conscience.

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Blogger lime said...

golfers are a special brand of crazy.

3:08 PM, September 13, 2009  

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