Monday, July 17, 2006

Tagged by Lime (in a round-about way)

Because I wore navy blue today I got tagged by Lime
So here goes...

5 Things In My Purse -
A Tape Measure - Cause you never know when you're gonna need to measure something!
Lipstick - Don't know why, I rarely wear it?
Roll-On Perfume from 'Bath & Body Works' - Haven't used it since the day I bought it... I thought being summer and all it was a good idea to keep some perfume on hand for those times when I might not smell so fresh... And it was on SALE!
Coupons - For stores I most likely won't go to until just AFTER the coupon expires.
Movie Stubs - 2 for 'The Devil Wears Prada' (once with my daughter, once with the bowling girls) and 1 for 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (from Saturday night!)

5 Things in My Wallet -
My purse is my wallet because it's so small... I HATE carrying a BIG, HEAVY, CUMBERSOME purse full of mine and everyone elses junk so I've downsized!... There is however a pocket in the purse that holds my 'Wallet-y' type stuff, which would include...
Debit Card
Credit Card
Maryland DL
State Farm Auto Insurance Card
Medical Insurance Card
(I must have the previous 5 items in my purse at all times or the OCD in me goes kablooey and I freak over the fact that I'll need cash and I won't have my debit card... That my debit card won't work and I'll HAVE to rely on the credit card... That I'll try to write a check (because neither my debit card nor my credit card is working because they've been rubbed together and compromised both of their magnetic strips) and need my MDL as proof of ID.... OR, that I'll get into an accident and need ALL 5 of these VERY IMPORTANT CARDS... For the tow-truck, the auto-body shop, the police officer, the other driver and the hospital.... I guess I'm kind of a fatalist... BUT, I'm ALWAYS prepared!)

5 Things in my Refrigerator -
3 Gallons of Milk - Yes, my family drinks THAT MUCH MILK!
Bag of Baby Spinach Leaves - I'm the only one that eats it and I'd better make a salad for myself soon, because that stuff's gonna go bad and man does it smell bad when it does!
2 Different Brands of Cheese Sticks - Yes, 2 different brands because my kids can't agree on the same kind... And if I bought one or the other then the sibiling rivalry escalates to a whole new level... It's just easier this way!
Tropicana OJ - I LOVE this stuff and used to drink 4 or 5 tall glasses of it a day... Now I have maybe a 1/2 cup of it once a month because of the diabetes...*sniff*... I still have to keep it around for the family though...*sniff*
Yogurt - All different brands, all different sizes and I think every one of them is past it's expiration date... Note to self: Clean out the fridge!

5 Things in my Closet -
A 3 1/2 yr. old Yoga Mat - Used only 1 time! - Anybody need a yoga mat?
My Old Fat Clothes - They're on a shelf in the back part of the closet neatly folded... I fear getting rid of them because I might need them again someday... I'm the opposite of the girl that keeps the skinny jeans hoping she'll get skinny enough to wear them one day... I'm the girl that keeps the fat jeans and fears she'll HAVE to wear them again one day.... Again, the fatalist!
A Crib - Yes, the very crib that my two babies slept in... Broken down into pieces and stored against the wall behind my clothes... I was told a long time ago that you never want to get rid of a crib because right after you do, you end up pregnant! (It happened to not one, but two friends of mine!)... After the hysterectomy that's no longer a concern but now I think we're just hanging on to it for sentimental reasons and in hope that one day... SEVERAL years from now, it'll be available for a grandchild.
Shoes - I've kinda become a shoe-holic in the past couple of years... So the shelves above my clothes hold several shoe boxes... My favorite?... Why, my 'Kick-Ass Boots' of course!
That Laundry Sorting Bin I talked about Many Posts Ago - With a section for the whites, light colors and the dark colors... All mostly empty right now because I've been making an effort to keep up on the laundry duties.

5 Things In My Car -
Cell Phone Adapter
My Friends Suede Jacket - She left it in there only about 5 weeks ago and I still haven't had the chance to return it... But c'mon... It's 95 degrees out... What could she possibly need it now for?
Emergency Break-Down Kit in a Zipper Black Case - Got it for Christmas one year... I'm not even sure what it contains?
Blue Dolphin and Seahorse Air Fresheners - These are suspended from my rear view mirror... They serve one purpose and it's not to keep the inside of the car smelling fresh because they lost that particular ability about 3 yrs. ago... The purpose they serve is to differentiate my Green Van from all the hundreds of other Green Vans in the mall parking lot.
Rainbow Colored Beach Towel Covered with Dog Hair - This particular item is kept in the very back of the van and is utilized to cover the rear seats so the dog doesn't turn them into a carpet of white dog hair.

5 Items on my Desk -
2 Hallogen Desk Lamps - Because the other lighting in the room is merely there to provide 'mood' and NOT 'illumination'.
A 36" Long Self Healing Mat - To protect the desk from all of the eyelet setting and X-acto knife work I do.
A Giant Pot of Pencils & Pens - And No Lime, not ALL of the Pencils are sharpened.
A Tin Bucket Full of Scissors - So I NEVER have to search for scissors.
Another Giant Pot full of several different 'useful' Rulers - Some of the Rulers have register marks on them for different card projects so I won't have to keep focusing on the tiny numbers in order to measure out a card.... Blindness & Laziness creates the Mother of Invention.

And NOW.... I'd like to tag 'M'... That is if 'Lime's' random tag didn't hit her first.

P.S. Hope my TAG didn't bore you all to tears.


Blogger lime said...

great list margie! i love that people actually responded to my smart alec way of tagging. and may i also say, i think we share the same fridge!

8:35 AM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

I know we've got the OJ thing in common... But I bet my yogurt is older than yours!

9:48 AM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger M said...

As you saw on my website, I skipped the 5 things in the wallet, because frankly, how much variety can there be in a wallet?

Happy Blogging (-:

8:37 AM, July 19, 2006  

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