Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anything Can Happen Day...

While on vacation when the kids were young, we used to incorporate a day that the family would refer to as 'Anything Can Happen Day'... This is when the family would climb in the car and we'd have a vague idea of a place we'd like to see or visit. We'd point the car in that general direction and off we'd go allowing for 'Anything to Happen!'

Today feels like just that kind of day to me... My walk this morning included my husband and together we walked further and longer than I normally do because we were enjoying the morning and the conversation. Also because he kind of challenged me with the comment of, "Hey, I can keep going!"... Well, I walk every day so if HE could keep going than I certainly could!

Later, my friend LB (who from now on I'll just refer to her as 'Pan')... Pan and I got together with our girls to attend the 'Grand Opening' of a new shop downtown... 'Liz & Iris' Magickal Gallery'
... We'd been hearing a lot about the gallery from another shop we've begun to frequent 'Art Space On Main' where I recently started taking pottery classes. There's a resurgence in our town to bring back Main St. and in so doing the town is incorporating the arts... The transformation is exciting to see and be a part of... Which is why Pan and I wanted to be a part of the opening of this newest addition.

Anyway, we witnessed the ribbon cutting for the new shop and spent some time admiring the artwork and other items they have on display and we got to meet Liz & Iris... Two vivacious women who obviously love life and could hardly contain the excitement of the opening of their dream. That's when I decided I wanted to try something kind of new and exciting for myself and got a 'henna tattoo'... I'm most definitly NOT a permanent tattoo person... I could never put something on my body that doesn't come off because I change my mind far too often... I'm positive that if I ever did decide to do it (which would never happen) five minutes after enduring the pain and seeing the final product I'd say to myself, "Well damn, why didn't I choose the __________ instead?" If I'm anything it's that I'm indecisive over just about everything!"... So henna seemed like a 'safe' yet completely outside the box kind of thing for me to do. Iris told me that the ink will flake off as it dries and the design could last roughly 2 weeks depending on how much I wash or scrub at it... So right now I'm feeling kind of funky, sexy, flirty with my henna'd ankle... Mostly because my ankle seems to have been spared the 10 lbs. that I regained... Most of that weight plastered itself to my mid-section.
My daughter thinks it's just "okay."... My friend Pan doesn't care for body art... But CB (Pan's daughter) thinks it's cool... I wish she would've gotten it done too! My husband and my son haven't seen it yet but I'm sure I'm in for some serious eye rolling.

So I'm feeling like I've honored the basic idea of 'Anything Can Happen Day' and since it's only 3:00pm... I'm looking forward to what else lies in store.
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Blogger lime said...

oh i like it! i'm like you, don't want anythign permanent but i've wanted to try a henna tatto for a while. very nice:)

9:11 PM, August 26, 2006  
Blogger Margie Blystone said...

Hey Lime, It's kind of a mess when all of the crusty ink starts flaking off but otherwise I really recommend it for feelin' a bit sexy!

10:23 AM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Animal Shelter Worker said...

That's sounds like loads of fun and your henna is purty!

9:26 PM, August 27, 2006  

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