Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cloudy with a 97% chance Bad Attitude

Day 6 of feeling like crap!

I didn't complain earlier (well, actually I did, but that was about the weather... So we won't count that.) but I've spent every day since last Thursday dealing with one ailment and then another... All the while trying to nurse an ulcer in my mouth that feels like it's the size of Texas. You'd think I'd quit eating due to the pain but unfortunately I seem to manage.

Yesterday I finally went to see the doctor... My friend Lori convinced me to go after reminding me of the great and terrible trip to the ER a year and half ago due to blood poisoning from infected hang-nail, which resulted in an IV full of antibiotics and my successful attempt to convince the doctors to allow me to go home rather than admit me... I remembered all too well from the hospital stay just two months prior how uncomfortable those hospital beds are and the precious little sleep the nurses allow their patients. The follow-up to that lovely evening resulted in my spewing up my toe-nails for the next 6 hours due to my inability to tolerate pain medication without stomach upset.

Anyway, back to my whining (Wait, wasn't that what I was just doing, you say?... Can't handle it you'd best leave now because I'm just getting started.) Yesterday, upon showing the doctor my inner lip and postage stamp size lesion she winced noticeably and gave me a scrip for some magical cream from the pharmacist. So last night I administered my first application, hoping the damn thing would disappear from my mouth the moment the steroid filled drug touched the raw and swollen sore. Not quite, however what it DID do was expand like Gorilla Glue. Over the course of an hour I had gooey, adhesive quality, yellow gunk clinging to my gums and teeth. You know what a band-aid smells like? Now imagine what it must taste like... Because that's exactly the stuff I had oozing down my throat into my stomach all night. Didn't sleep much because of it either. All this annoyance, discomfort and general all over crappy feeling for something the size of a postage stamp, on a body as big as... Well, as big as mine? It's amazing how debilitating it can be and what an absolute crank I am because of it.

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Blogger lime said...

ooooh, i'm sorry. sounds horrid. feel better soon.

7:11 AM, March 21, 2007  
Blogger thethinker said...

That sounds pretty painful. I've had a cut on the inside of my cheek that's taking awhile to heal, so I understand how frustrating mouth pain can be.

8:38 PM, March 24, 2007  

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