Friday, November 09, 2007

Guess it's just a 'Dad' thing...

Dad: "So are you excited about this concert you're going to next week?"

Daughter: "Yeah!"

Dad: "You're going to see 'Far Out Boys', right?"

Daughter: (immense eye rolling) "NO Daaaaad, we're going to see 'Fall Out Boy'!"

Dad: "Who? 'Fall Over Boys'?"

Daughter: (louder) "I said, FAaaallll... Ouuuuuutttt... Boyyyyyyy!!!"

Dad: "Oh, I see... 'Fall Out Boys'... Let me get this straight, they sing that song 'Skater Boy'... Right?"

Daughter: (clearly disgusted) "No Daaaad, you're thinking of 'Avril Lavigne'... 'Fall Out BOY' sings 'Thanks for the memories' and a bunch of other songs I like!"

Dad: "Oh, so who's in the group 'Avril Lavigne'?

Daughter: (throws hands up in the air and walks out of the room.)

Mom: "Why do you do that to her? You KNOW who 'Fall Out Boy' is AND you KNOW 'Avril Lavigne' is a female artist who sings 'Sk8tr Boy.'

Dad: "Because I'm having fun playing the part of 'Clueless Dad."

Mom: "You mean to tell me, when my dad pulled that crap with me it was all an act?"

Dad: "Yeah... At least I'm pretty sure it was when MY dad used to do it to ME."

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