Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rockin' it like I'm 15...

One thought came to mind as I enjoyed the concert last night... No, two... Two thoughts... No, three... Yes, three thoughts stood out in my mind...

1. It must be such an incredibly awesome feeling to write a song and then have 10,000 people sing it back to you or along with you as you perform it... And I wonder, does that incredible feeling make up for the fatigue of being on the road for months at a time?... The isolation of fame?... The lecherous scum known as the paparazzi trying to catch you at your worst?

2. After everyone gets paid... the venue, the roadies, the tech guys, the ticket handlers, the bus drivers, the security guys, etc... Does each performer make out as well as we imagine? I mean, there were 4 bands performing, each with at least 4 members and each of them had roadies and handlers and buses and hotels etc. etc. etc.

3. Mosh pits??? I just don't GET it?

Oh, and a fourth thought... That's it, I swear...

4. Did concerts get louder? I mean, when I was younger they were loud but at least when a performer spoke into a mic you could understand what they were saying... Not so much last night. Could it be, the next generation just trying to one up us on decibels?

Here's some pics of the concert:

Sorry no pics from the group - 'Cute is what we aim for'
(and hey, too bad, I thought the lead singer aimed pretty high and made it... my daughter sadly, didn't agree, though we both thought he could use a haircut.) We were able to see the band members pretty close up because we brought binoculars. Yes... Yes, we are geeks!

Here's a pic of 'The Plain White Tees'
... The did a great job with the song 'Hey there Delilah'
Next 'Gym Class Heroes' performed
What's not to like about this group... The lead singer 'Travis McCoy' has a Will Smith quality to him... He's talented, he can laugh at himself and best of all he was the one performer last night that gave a shout out to all of the parents at the concert... Thanks Travis! Not only that but they're taking MY old music (Supertramp) and making it cool again!
(On a side note Travis is like the tallest dude on the tour... With all the short performers he must feel like a friggin' giant!)

Finally the band we couldn't wait to see... Fall Out Boy! The cheers were deafening and I was hoarse and deaf by the end of the evening. They were spot on as good Live as they are recorded. They played a few of their older pieces which I wasn't familiar with but 'Dance Dance', 'Arms Race' 'I'm like a Lawyer' and 'Thks fr th mmrs' were fantastic! Fortunately for my daughter and her friend, (who are shall we say, 'Pete obsessed') our seats were on the side of the stage where 'Pete Wentz' spent most of his time... He wasn't moving around too much due to the 'rocker boot/leg cast' supporting his broken foot. Regardless of the broken foot the band was simply awesome!

Probably the best shot of Pete's 'boot'.

The band goes acoustic with 'Golden'

And what's a concert without some pyrotechnics?

*For those of you who read this blog for my somewhat witty repartee' regarding life as a 43 yr. old wife and mother of two... Well, I'm not always that mature... Today, I'm like a 15 yr. old who just went to a concert and saw some of her favorite music performed... I'm sure this just kills it for 'Fall Out Boy' fans everywhere.



Blogger lime said...

so this is your guilty pleasure ;)

8:02 AM, November 15, 2007  
Anonymous Swizzle said...

Cheers to inner 15 year old! May we all have sweet moments like this!

7:36 PM, November 15, 2007  
Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

Good for you! My ears can't take concerts anymore- too many visits to First Avenue in my 20's.

9:42 PM, November 20, 2007  
Blogger Margee-Martha-Marsha Pick-One said...

*wincing* Ya Lime, I guess it is.

Thanks swizzle, one can only hope!

And WM, I think they've only gotten louder... Or I'm just getting really old!

8:12 AM, November 28, 2007  

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