Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recession My Ass

Today we attempted to see a movie at 'Tysons Corner'... I was a bit leery about the amount of time it would take us to get there from my MIL's house. Yesterday we had to pass the shopping mall and traffic was backed up for at least a mile in all directions just for people who were trying to get into the shopping complex.

We gave ourselves a half-hour to make the 10 min. drive, park the car and purchase our tickets. I was feeling rather positive we'd make it on time when I realized traffic approaching the mall wasn't anywhere near as bad as it had been the day before. Once we made it into the mall parking lot however, our schedule got shot to hell. There were roughly 200 cars in the parking garage near the theater and all of them were vying for the spot soon to become available by an old man who appeared to be walking toward that vehicle.... No, not that vehicle... NO, not that one either, maybe that one there... NO, not THAT ONE... Oh DAMN, he's just putting his parcels in the trunk of his car and heading back into the mall! WAIT, I think THAT car is pulling out! Imagine this scenario playing out in dozens of lanes, on every level of the 5 story parking garage we were in, not to mention the 2 other parking garages and numerous lots around the shopping center.

Wait, I thought we were in a recession?

Anyway, being the crafty, clever, amazingly on the mark, family that we are... When we hit an opportune spot to stop the car, I hopped out of the driver seat, my husband quickly took my place and the kids and I hit the ground running. The kids and I hurried into the mall toward the theater to purchase our tickets for the movie. Just as we completed the Disney-style obstacle course to the front of the line, the little pin-head behind the ticket booth announced our movie had sold out and the next showing wasn't to begin for another hour-forty-five minutes. True, it just might've taken that long for my husband to find a parking space, but with the movie at 2 hrs. 47 min. long... Well, that would completely throw off our dinner plans. So we decided to punt and just find our way back to my husband and the car.

Fortunately, just across town was another theater, one NOT attached to a mall, so we made our way over there, walked right in and bought our tickets. When we entered the theater just 15 min. before the start of the movie the place had roughly 8 people seated. Sure this theater was a little older and the floors were a little sticky, but the seats were oversize and they rocked, they did, they rocked back and forth, really comfy like.

I don't think we'll be hitting the Tyson's theaters again anytime soon... whatta madhouse!

By the way, the little old theater we did attend, had a marquis in the hallway, at the entrance to the theater, which was showing our movie, it read:


Just a guess, but maybe that's why the theater wasn't very crowded... The signage might've given patrons the wrong idea as to what exactly was being played there.

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Blogger lime said...

LMAO at the scene you've painted and at the really misleading sign!

10:30 PM, December 28, 2008  
Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

I never, ever leave enough time to get to movies at a leisurely pace. The last time we were going to one of those Mall theaters, we walked in (already late) with a line about 45 people deep. We looked to see if our movie had sold out, and the marquee said it hadn't, so we got in line and waited. 20 minutes later (we figured we were only missing the previews) we get to the window and she says "Oh, THAT movie sold out like a half hour ago".

Enter: me in the rage cage.

I'm not proud of how I acted that day, and I may have used some colorful language, but by golly I don't think little miss ticket seller will forget to flip on the "sold out" sign again any time soon.

8:24 PM, December 30, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Lime, I know, good thing WE knew the name of the movie we'd purchased tickets for.

WM, 'Rage Cage'... I think that's going to be my new favorite term.

5:01 PM, December 31, 2008  

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