Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Bird & The Savior

Thursday when I picked 'Nature Girl' up from school, she greeted me holding a large bucket with this little guy cowering inside:
She asked if I would mind running across town to the Tri-State Bird Rescue to drop off the little wounded bird. It took a little searching to find this place which is located down a narrow country lane. As we searched for the facility 'Nature Girl' told me what kind of bird this was (a Mourning Dove and a juvenile.) I smiled to myself when we met the director at the front desk and she began to share with us the 'make & model' of our little bird. My daughter had, of course, nailed it. She'd also correctly surmised the bird had been attacked by a hawk.

You can't imagine how thrilled I was when the director began to talk to my daughter about becoming a volunteer. Because when I consider my girl and the things she absolutely loves to do, I simply can't think of a more perfect fit for her than helping to care for injured birds.

Nature Girl will be attending a volunteer introductory program next Thursday evening and then an all day volunteer session in June. She asked about photography but the director explained picture taking might be too traumatic so she didn't think that would work... But you know, it doesn't always have to be about the picture taking.

However, here are a few more beautiful macro pics to show you she'll always take her photography seriously.

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Anonymous Christy said...

Her photos are honestly breath taking. She could have quite a future as a photographer! As for the bird, I think you guys could start your own Audobon Society over there!

1:02 PM, May 11, 2009  
Blogger paestar said...

you must be one proud mama. of both of your amazing children!!!

again, awesome pictures!!!!

6:25 AM, May 13, 2009  
Blogger lime said...

what a terrific opportunity for your girl and what absolutely breathtaking pictures. they are just gorgeous.

ok, i have my kitchen on the list is a good camera with a macro lens....oooohhh

8:04 AM, May 13, 2009  
Blogger Chris said...

That's awesome that she is going to volunteer there. It might be hard sometimes, since not all birds are going to make it but it'll be good for her.

Her macros are nice! I suck at macros but only because 1) I don't practice taking them and 2) I don't have a macro lens.

8:29 AM, May 17, 2009  
Blogger Nature Girl said...

Wow...these shots are awsome! I love the dandelion. Yay for your Nature Girl doing the volunteering, that's awsome! Does she have a flickr account? I'd love to add her as a contact if she does, her photography is really good!

Stacie (the OTHER nature girl)

9:12 AM, May 18, 2009  

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