Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post-Vacation Blech, Bluey, Blahs

My current mood can only be chalked up to the reality bitch-slap of not being in California anymore. Sure, the first week home was all about getting back the 3 hours I lost but this second week? Well, it's just kicking my ass with all the mediocrity. Mowing the lawn made me a little happy because I actually expended some energy and I took some pride in beautifying the landscape around the house. Paying the bills made me feel like I'd achieved keeping us out of debtors prison for yet another month. Grocery shopping only made me pleased to have milk on hand again. Today, getting the bathrooms scrubbed down filled me with the glorious joy one feels at not having to stare down shower scum whilst trying to bathe. However, I'm sorry to say that none of these tasks bring me even an ounce of the pleasure I felt in California... Even as I sat waiting for numerous traffic lights to change.Don't be fooled, it's a rare occasion that even ONE traffic light is green, let alone ALL of them.

And what am I going to do if I need Liquor & Clothes at the same time?

"Hello" Liquor - Long Beach, California

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