Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Computer Boy attended a meeting in town with me today. He came along as my representative. His job was to make sure I didn't volunteer for anything and if so, he had permission to smack me upside the head... By the way...Ouch! my head hurts.

Anywho, following the meeting I asked if he'd like Burger King for lunch, "my treat!" (What a stupid question... It would be a cold day in hell before my boy would ever turn down a king size order of chicken fries.) Since I was 'dressed up' for the meeting we attended, he jokingly asked me if I thought I was overdressed for Burger King. I looked at him, sitting there beside me in the van, dressed in an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans the likes of which, I have absolutely no idea when they'd last seen a spin cycle, and I asked, "I don't know, do you think YOU might be overdressed for Burger King?"

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