Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's Coming...

Today was gorgeous... The sky was blue and the temp reached a balmy 80 degrees... But it's coming... Those cold, grey days... The days when the wind feels like it has teeth and it seems to suck the life right out of me.

I like fall weather but as soon as the trees begin to thin, I can feel it... That sad, sort of lonely feeling... The barren trees, void of color and life, serve to remind me of the high desert tumble weeds I grew up around and they depress me. I love living in a place that has definitive seasons but Winter is the one season I find difficult to embrace. I guess due to the lack of activities, it just seems to drag on far longer than any of the other 3 seasons.

photo by S. Blystone

There's no dodging the inevitable however, so I'll try to embrace the greyness of life... Pray for a little snow to add a bit of sparkle to the nothingness and when it seems to me the earth will forever remain a grey and dismal place, I'll refer to my photographs of springtime in the park and be reminded of the joy Spring, my favorite season brings.

photo by, M. Blystone Posted by Picasa


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