Saturday, July 28, 2007

He did what?

Hilarious quote of the day:

"My dad threw his back out once, doing armpit farts."



Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

I knew a girl that threw her back out um...wiping herself, if you know what I mean. I worked with her and she told the biggest blabbermouth that worked there "in confidence".
By the end of the day we all knew. We bought a sympathy card & everyone signed it.
I think to this day she's still mortified.

2:28 PM, July 31, 2007  
Blogger CDP said...

This happened in 1987, maybe 1988. My sister (19 or 20 at the time) was upstairs getting ready to go out with her idiot boyfriend. He and I (21 at the time, home visiting) were watching a dance show (or maybe it was "Star Search") and he decided to try his hand (so to speak) at breakdancing. We had to take him to the emergency room...he broke his wrist. He and my sister broke up soon after; he never got over the fact that we laughed our heads off the entire time, despite the very real pain he was in.

4:24 PM, August 14, 2007  

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