Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looookin' Gooooood!

I've said it before, I'll say it again... Family Weddings are costly! Hey, I'm not even thinking about what the bride and groom are spending on the festivities, I'm just talking about the drain on our pocket book to achieve proper attire.

You see, WE... Us... My family... We don't go out much, for fancy occasions that is. So when it comes to gettin' all gussied up in hifalutin' dressy clothes... Well, it's been so long since our last dressy event that we gotta go out and shop new all over again! Because there's no way my son is going to fit into those size 10 black dress shoes from the wedding we attended 2 yrs. ago, no sir! Today we had to purchase a size 12 EEEE! And that shirt he wore to the wedding 5 yrs. ago isn't going to cut it, he's still thin enough but has gotten so tall there's no way to tuck that bad boy into a pair of pants. New shirt of course meant a flashy new tie also.

Daughter, has a completely different figure at 15 than that which she sported 2 yrs. ago so a new dress was a must have and the search for matching shoes was a test not for the faint of heart... Oh, and don't forget the jewelry to match! Fortunately for the husband his feet have stopped growing so he can pull that dusty ol' pair of dress shoes out from the back of the closet. However, he did need new slacks for work so since I was already in the market for playing 'sharp dressed man' with the boy, I picked up not only new slacks for my man but a fine looking shirt and a handsome tie.

Surely you recall all the blogging I did about the search for finding my own natty frock for the affair, which, thank the powers that be, I DID finally manage to acquire. Today I polished it off with some bling in the form of a simple necklace and earrings.

So... Now that the family is prepared to dress to the nines for the wedding on Saturday, It's my sad duty to inform the couple that there's no money left for a gift. Surely your photographer will be able to spare a few extra shots of US cousins looking oh so fabulous, because that dear cousins is worth more than any physical gift you could ever receive.

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Blogger scargosun said...

Bring on the pics of you guys in your fancy-pants outfits!

3:40 PM, July 30, 2008  
Blogger Katy said...

OMG I hear you. There should be clothing rental places for all sorts of dress clothes for kids and teens, not just tuxedos. One wedding a year can cost a fortune if the kids are invited!

BTW, I "randomed" you, hope it's ok. I'm new to the whole blogger tagging game protocol! Check out my blog, there's a link to yours.

5:36 PM, July 30, 2008  
Anonymous Christy said...

Oh, I hate it when you buy an outfit (or several) for an event and you never get to use it again. We don't dress up on a regular basis either, so it's not like there's a huge assortment of glamorous clothing to choose from hanging in all of our closets. LOL

Have fun at the wedding. :)

8:18 AM, July 31, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Well you know Scargosun, IF I post a pic of the family everyone will have to look perfect beyond all reason and it's entirely doubtful that's every gonna happen... Doesn't mean I won't try though.

Katy, Clothing rental for kids... A fantastic idea! However my daughter is such a germophobe I'd never get her to wear a rental.

Also, I'm SO glad you found me... I've enjoyed reading your blog very much and am hoping you've already cemented your plans for college!

Christy, There's a veritable locker room of out of style dress-wear in the dark corners of my closet. Items that seemed like a good idea at the time I wore them but after seeing myself in photos made me think twice about ever wearing them again.

I'll probably be blogging about the event by Monday, so yes... I hope we have a good time.

9:29 AM, July 31, 2008  
Blogger lime said...

weddings are crazy expensive. it would be even worse if you were in the bridal party. eek!

7:56 AM, August 02, 2008  
Blogger Stacie said...

Pics pics pics! :)

Yikes..that's a lot of shopping...*shudders*

I hope you guys have a ball at the wedding.

7:25 AM, August 04, 2008  

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